Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot: The Complete Series

Released: March 26, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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“Robot, attack! Robot, destroy!” These commands launched a thousand sci-fi fantasies for budding fans of the genre, just as they brought Johnny Sokko’s Giant Robot into imminent battle action! Under the voice control of young Johnny Sokko, the massive, flying metal behemoth would bring his fiery breath, laser eyes, finger-launched missiles and, above all, his physical strength into battle with countless menacing monsters bent on destroying the Earth!

This epic fantasy series from Toei Studios aired from 1967 – 1968 and garnered even more fans in after-school reruns throughout the 70s. Collected here for the first time on DVD are all 26 episodes of explosive kaiju battles, nefarious alien takeover plots and mind-blowing heroics from jet-packed Johnny Sokko and his equally airborne friend and protector: Giant Robot!

Bonus Features

  • Includes: 24 Page Booklet Featuring In-Depth Essay By Author August Ragone

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Episode Episode Title
1 Dracolon: The Great Sea Monster
2 Nucleon: The Magic Globe
3 The Gargoyle Vine: A Space Plant
4 Monster Ligon-Tyrox: A Strange Monster
5 The Gigantic Claw
6 Dragon: The Ninja Monster
7 Our Enemy: Scalion
8 The Challenge of the Two-Headed Monster
9 Tentaclon: An Electric Monster
10 The Transformed Humans
11 The Terrifying Sand Creature
12 Amberon: The Synthetic Monster
13 Opticorn Must Be Destroyed
14 The Monstrous Flying Jawbone
15 Igganog: The Ice-Berg Monster
16 Torozon: An Enemy Robot
17 Destroy the Dam
18 X-7, a Mysterious Enemy Agent
19 Metron, the Mysterious Space Man
20 Beware the Radion Globe
21 The Terrifying Space Mummy
22 Clash of the Giant Robot
23 Dr. Eingali, Master of Evil
24 Hydrazona, a Terrifying Bacteria
25 Drakulon, Creature of Doom
26 The Last of Emperor Guillotine
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Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot

Mitsunobu Kaneko Daisaku Kusama, Johnny Sokko, U7
Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama Giant Robo
Kôichi Chiba Narrator
Akio Itô Jerry Mano, Jûrô Minami, U3
Bobbie Byers Johnny Sokko
Shôzaburô Date Unicorn Chief Azuma
Ted Rusoff Jerry Mano
Tomomi Kuwabara Marie Hanamura, Marie Hanson, U6
Hirohiko Satô Emperor Guillotine
Yumiko Katayama U5, Mitsuko Heno, Mitsuko Nishino
Manuel San Fernando Director
Michio Konishi Director
Itaru Orita Director
Katsuhiko Taguchi Director
Koichi Takemoto Director
Minoru Yamada Director
Reuben Guberman Writer
Masaru Igami Writer
Hirô Matsuda Writer
Mon Shichijô Writer
Mitsuteru Yokoyama Writer
Salvatore Billitteri Producer
Shinichi Miyazaki Producer
Hisatomo Tsuboi Producer
Yasuji Ueda Producer
Tôru Hirayama Producer

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