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JEM And The Holograms: Season Three

Released: July 10, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Truly Outrageous!

With Jem and The Holograms at the height of their success, there's a new band in town — The Stingers! — and they're not about to let Jem and her music group take all the limelight. The group's leader, Riot, is charmed by Jem and vows to make her his. Jem finds herself conflicted with feelings for Riot AND for her longtime beau, Rio. Who will win Jem's affections? Will The Stingers buzz their way to the top of the music charts, or will The Misfits' mischief and mayhem thwart their rise to superstardom? Find out now!

Finally, the last episodes of the iconic Jem and The Holograms can be found in one DVD set! Includes an exclusive bonus disc with rare archival bonus features and brand-new, never-before-seen interviews with the creators, cast, crew and fans of Jem and The Holograms!

It's Showtime, Synergy!

Bonus Features

  • Video Jukebox
  • Three Brand-New Retrospective Featurettes
  • Original Commercials
  • Animated Storyboards
  • The Jem and The Holograms Writers Bible
  • Rare DVD-ROM Material
  • . . . And More!

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Episode Episode Title
1 JEM And The Holograms: The Stingers Hit Town, Part 1
2 JEM And The Holograms: The Stingers Hit Town, Part 2
3 JEM And The Holograms: Beauty And The Rock Promoter
4 JEM And The Holograms: Homeland, Heartland
5 JEM And The Holograms: Midsummer Night's Madness
6 JEM And The Holograms: Riot's Hope
7 JEM And The Holograms: Straight From The Heart
8 JEM And The Holograms: That Old Houdini Magic
9 JEM And The Holograms: A Change Of Heart
10 JEM And The Holograms: Britrock
11 JEM And The Holograms: The Day The Music Died
12 JEM And The Holograms: Video Wars
13 JEM And The Holograms: A Father Should Be...
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JEM And The Holograms

Britta Phillips Actor
Cathianne Blore Actor
Cindy McGee Actor
Ellen Bernfeld Actor
Samantha Newark Actor
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