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Jasper: Journey To The End Of The World

Released: March 10, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Join the cutest and most curious penguin you've ever seen in the delightful animated adventure Jasper: Journey To The End Of The World!

Down at the icy South Pole, Jasper and his family live a peaceful and happy life. But when he and his brother Junior run afoul of the evil Dr. Block and a scheme to steal some rare parrot eggs, it's up to the plucky penguin to save the day! With the help of Junior and their new friend, a nine-year-old girl named Emma, Jasper embarks on an incredible journey that will take him to places he'd never imagined before.


Product Information

Jasper: Journey To The End Of The World

Camela Nicolaein Producer
Eckart Fingberg Director
Eckart Fingberg Writer
John Chambers Writer
Marc Dhrami Producer
Michael Mädel Writer
Roch Lener Producer
Sunita Struck Producer
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