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I Spy: The Complete Series

Released: June 24, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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Bill Cosby and Robert Culp star as two of the hippest secret agents in television history in I Spy: The Complete Series. Working undercover as a tennis pro and his trainer, globe-hopping intelligence operatives Kelly Robinson (Culp) and Alexander Scott (Cosby) take on the missions necessary to keep the world safe. From the Far East to Europe to the United States (all represented by spectacular on-location filming), Robinson and Scott face the espionage community head-on with both grit and lighthearted banter.

A groundbreaking series when originally aired on NBC from 1965 to 1968, I Spy remains beloved by fans today due to the unmatched chemistry between its two stars. Both Culp and Cosby were nominated for Emmy® Awards in the "Best Leading Actor in a Drama Series" category all three seasons of I Spy’s run, with Cosby winning the award each year. Additional honors bestowed upon the show include an Emmy® nomination for creator/executive producer Sheldon Leonard's directorial contributions and a 1967 Golden Globe® award for "Best Television Series."

Tag along with the coolest agents from the Cold War in this eighty-two episode anthology of a true television classic. It’s no secret that I Spy: The Complete Series is a must-have for your collection.


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Episode Episode Title
1 I Spy: So Long, Patrick Henry
2 I Spy: A Cup Of Kindness
3 I Spy: Carry Me Back To Old Tsing-Tao
4 I Spy: Chrysanthemum
5 I Spy: Dragon's Teeth
6 I Spy: The Loser
7 I Spy: Danny Was A Million Laughs
8 I Spy: The Time Of The Knife
9 I Spy: No Exchange On Damaged Merchandise
10 I Spy: Tatia
11 I Spy: Weight Of The World
12 I Spy: Three Hours On A Sunday
13 I Spy: Tigers Of Heaven
14 I Spy: Affair In T'Sien Cha
15 I Spy: The Tiger
16 I Spy: The Barter
17 I Spy: Always Say Goodbye
18 I Spy: Court Of The Lion
19 I Spy: Turkish Delight
20 I Spy: Bet Me A Dollar
21 I Spy: Return To Glory
22 I Spy: The Conquest Of Maude Murdock
23 I Spy: A Day Called 4 Jaguar
24 I Spy: Crusade To Limbo
25 I Spy: My Mother, The Spy
26 I Spy: There Was A Little Girl
27 I Spy: It's All Done With Mirrors
28 I Spy: One Thousand Fine
29 I Spy: So Coldly Sweet
30 I Spy: Lori
31 I Spy: Sophia
32 I Spy: Vendetta
33 I Spy: A Gift From Alexander
34 I Spy: Trial By Treehouse
35 I Spy: Sparrowhawk
36 I Spy: Will The Real Good Guys Please Stand Up?
37 I Spy: Bridge Of Spies
38 I Spy: One Of Our Bombs Is Missing
39 I Spy: To Florence, With Love, Part 1
40 I Spy: To Florence, With Love, Part 2
41 I Spy: Lisa
42 I Spy: Little Boy Lost
43 I Spy: Father Abraham
44 I Spy: Rome... Take Away Three
45 I Spy: Tonia
46 I Spy: Child Out Of Time
47 I Spy: The Trouble With Temple
48 I Spy: The War Lord
49 I Spy: A Room With A Rack
50 I Spy: Mainly On The Plains
51 I Spy: Get Thee To A Nunnery
52 I Spy: Blackout
53 I Spy: Magic Mirror
54 I Spy: Night Train To Madrid
55 I Spy: Casanova From Canarsie
56 I Spy: Cops And Robbers
57 I Spy: Let's Kill Karlovassi
58 I Spy: The Beautiful Children
59 I Spy: Laya
60 I Spy: The Medarra Block
61 I Spy: Philotimo
62 I Spy: The Honorable Assassins
63 I Spy: Now You See Her, Now You Don't
64 I Spy: Red Sash Of Courage
65 I Spy: The Seventh Captain
66 I Spy: Apollo
67 I Spy: Oedipus At Colonus
68 I Spy: The Lotus Eater
69 I Spy: An American Empress
70 I Spy: Home To Judgement
71 I Spy: Anyplace I Hang Myself Is Home
72 I Spy: Tag, You're It
73 I Spy: A Few Miles West Of Nowhere
74 I Spy: This Guy Smith
75 I Spy: Turnabout For Traitors
76 I Spy: Happy Birthday... Everybody
77 I Spy: Shana
78 I Spy: The Name Of The Game
79 I Spy: Suitable For Framing
80 I Spy: The Spy Business
81 I Spy: Carmelita Is One Of Us
82 I Spy: Pinwheel
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I Spy: The Complete Series

Actor Bill Cosby
Actor Robert Culp

I Spy

Actor Bill Cosby
Actor Robert Culp
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