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Hopeless Romantic: The Best Of Billy Vera & The Beaters

Released: February 19, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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With his classic blend of soul and uptown blues, Billy Vera inadvertently gave the '80s one of its signature songs, "At This Moment." The song had originally appeared on a 1981 live album, which failed to chart. Another album, produced by Jerry Wexler in Muscle Shoals, fared no better, and Billy returned to playing in clubs and writing songs for others. In 1986, NBC used the song "At This Moment" in an episode of the hit TV show Family Ties and received tremendous response from viewers, resulting in a #1 pop hit (the song also made the R&B and country charts) and a song that helped define the decade.

Still popular more than 20 years later, the original hit version of "At This Moment" has been out of print for years. Hopeless Romantic: The Best Of Billy Vera & The Beaters makes it and other key Billy Vera tracks-all in their original hit versions-available on CD once again.

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