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Horror / Thriller / Scream Factory / Film

He Knows You're Alone

Released: May 18, 2021 • Available in US & Canada
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Scream Factory
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"Terrifiying and bloodcurdling" – John Stanley, Creature Features

Now you see him. Now you don't. The face of a killer appears out of the darkness and just as quickly disappears. A young woman has an eerie feeling someone is stalking her. Another beauty steps into a shower ... and a bathroom door handle slowly turns. We're in slasher-flick territory – and also in a rare realm of film history, because screen icon Tom Hanks makes his movie debut in this shocker.

The up-and-coming legend plays the brief supporting role of Elliot, a psych major whose musings about the nature of fear reinforce the tone of this twisted tale about a sicko who targets brides-to-be ... and a detective who scrambles to stop the carnage. Wedded bliss can be very short-lived when He Knows You're Alone.

Product Information

He Knows You're Alone

Don Scardino Marvin
Caitlin O'Heaney Amy Jensen
Elizabeth Kemp Nancy
Tom Rolfing Ray Carlton (the killer)
Lewis Arlt Det. Len Gamble
Patsy Pease Joyce
James Rebhorn Prof. Carl Mason
Tom Hanks Elliot
Dana Barron Diana
Joseph Leon Ralph the Tailor
Armand Mastroianni Director
Scott Parker Writer
Joseph Beruh Producer
Robert Di Milia Producer
Edgar Lansbury Producer
George Manasse Producer
Nan Pearlman Producer

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