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William Shatner
Has Been [Splatter Vinyl]

Released: November 6, 2020 • Available in US & Canada
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Product Note: This is also available as a bundle with THE CAPTAINS COLLECTION SPECIAL EDITION..


From pop-culture icon William Shatner comes Has Been, an album unlike anything you've ever heard before. Produced and arranged by Ben Folds and featuring numerous notable guest appearances, Has Been is the result of the collision of two great creative forces — a surprisingly pop-driven, lyrically potent collection of songs to enlighten and entertain. Included in the set of originals is William Shatner's version of the Pulp hit, "Common People."

Please Note: The splatter patterning on each disc is unique. Your disc will not exactly match the pattern shown above.

Side One:

1. Common People (4:38) featuring Joe Jackson

2. It Hasn't Happened Yet (3:46)

3. You'll Have Time (5:15)

4. That's Me Trying (3:45) featuring Aimee Mann and Ben Folds

5. What Have You Done (1:43)

Side Two:

1. Together (5:36) featuring Lemon Jelly

2. Familiar Love (3:57)

3. Ideal Woman (2:22)

4. Has Been (2:16)

5. I Can't Get Behind That (3:00) featuring Henry Rollins

6. Real (3:08) featuring Brad Paisley

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