Hart To Hart: The Complete Series

Released: May 30, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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Two Harts beat as one in this complete series set!

Robert Wagner (It Takes A Thief) and Stefanie Powers (The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.) take you on a jet-setting mystery tour in the charming and elegant Hart to Hart. Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, a wealthy and glamorous couple, always manage to find themselves caught up in intrigue and adventure. Along with their loyal and gravel-voiced servant Max (Lionel Stander), these stylish sleuths delighted audiences throughout Hart To Hart’s five-season run on network television.

Created by Sidney Sheldon, both a bestselling novelist (Master of the Game, The Other Side Of Midnight) and hit television producer (I Dream of Jeannie, The Patty Duke Show), Hart to Hart is a smart and sexy detective drama featuring sparkling and witty dialogue, gorgeous costumes, and the sort of thrilling exploits that are never out of style.

Featuring the original pilot and all 110 episodes from the original series

Why We Love It

“For a television show that’s more than thirty years old, these standard DVDs do a pretty good job of bring out the color and richness of the Harts exciting life. The Dolby Digital mono audio provides clear dialogue, and a nice level of ambient effects.” – Rebecca Wright, Movie Gazette


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Episode Episode Title
1 Hart To Hart: Hart To Hart/Pilot
2 Hart To Hart: Hit Jennifer Hart
3 Hart To Hart: Passport To Murder
4 Hart To Hart: Jonathan Hart Jr.
5 Hart To Hart: Death In The Slow Lane
6 Hart To Hart: You Made Me Kill You
7 Hart To Hart: Murder Between Friends
8 Hart To Hart: Cop Out
9 Hart To Hart: Max In Love
10 Hart To Hart: A New Kind Of High
11 Hart To Hart: With This Gun, I Thee Wed
12 Hart To Hart: The Man With The Jade Eyes
13 Hart To Hart: Color Jennifer Dead
14 Hart To Hart: A Question Of Innocence
15 Hart To Hart: Night Horrors
16 Hart To Hart: Which Way, Freeway?
17 Hart To Hart: Downhill To Death
18 Hart To Hart: The Raid
19 Hart To Hart: Sixth Sense
20 Hart To Hart: Does She, Or Doesn't She?
21 Hart To Hart: Cruise At Your Own Risk
22 Hart To Hart: Too Many Cooks Are Murder
23 Hart To Hart: Death Set
24 Hart To Hart: Murder, Murder On The Wall
25 Hart To Hart: What Murder?
26 Hart To Hart: This Lady Is Murder
27 Hart To Hart: Murder Is A Man's Best Friend
28 Hart To Hart: 'Tis The Season To Be Murdered
29 Hart To Hart: Murder Wrap
30 Hart To Hart: Murder In Paradise
31 Hart To Hart: Ex-Wives Can Be Murder
32 Hart To Hart: Murder Is A Drag
33 Hart To Hart: Hart-Shaped Murder
34 Hart To Hart: Slow Boat To Murder
35 Hart To Hart: Murder In The Saddle
36 Hart To Hart: Homemade Murder
37 Hart To Hart: Solid Gold Murder
38 Hart To Hart: Getting Aweigh With Murder
39 Hart To Hart: The Murder Of Jonathan Hart
40 Hart To Hart: The Latest In High Fashion Murder
41 Hart To Hart: Operation Murder
42 Hart To Hart: Murder Takes A Bow
43 Hart To Hart: Blue Chip Murder
44 Hart To Hart: Harts And Flowers
45 Hart To Hart: A Couple Of Harts
46 Hart To Hart: Hartland Express
47 Hart To Hart: What Becomes A Murder Most?
48 Hart To Hart: Murder Up Their Sleeve
49 Hart To Hart: Harts Under Glass
50 Hart To Hart: Rhinestone Harts
51 Hart To Hart: Hart Of Darkness
52 Hart To Hart: Hartbreak Kid
53 Hart To Hart: From The Depths Of My Hart
54 Hart To Hart: Hartless Hobby
55 Hart To Hart: My Hart Belongs To Daddy
56 Hart To Hart: Hart Of Diamonds
57 Hart To Hart: Harts And Palms
58 Hart To Hart: The Hart Of The Matter
59 Hart To Hart: Blue And Broken-Harted
60 Hart To Hart: Harts On Their Toes
61 Hart To Hart: Deep In The Hart Of Dixieland
62 Hart To Hart: Vintage Harts
63 Hart To Hart: Hart, Line And Sinker
64 Hart To Hart: Hart And Sole
65 Hart To Hart: The Harts Strike Out
66 Hart To Hart: To Coin A Hart
67 Hart To Hart: Harts And Fraud
68 Hart To Hart: On A Bed Of Harts
69 Hart To Hart: With This Hart, I Thee Wed
70 Hart To Hart: Million Dollar Harts
71 Hart To Hart: Harts On Campus
72 Hart To Hart: Harts At High Noon
73 Hart To Hart: Harts' Desire
74 Hart To Hart: Rich And Hartless
75 Hart To Hart: In The Hart Of The Night
76 Hart To Hart: One Hart Too Many
77 Hart To Hart: A Christmas Hart
78 Hart To Hart: Hunted Harts
79 Hart To Hart: Emily By Hart
80 Hart To Hart: Pounding Harts
81 Hart To Hart: Chamber Of Lost Harts
82 Hart To Hart: Harts On The Scent
83 Hart To Hart: Bahama Bound Harts
84 Hart To Hart: As The Hart Turns
85 Hart To Hart: The Wayward Hart
86 Hart To Hart: A Change Of Hart
87 Hart To Hart: Hartstruck
88 Hart To Hart: Too Close To Hart
89 Hart To Hart: A Lighter Hart
90 Hart To Hart: Two Harts Are Better Than One
91 Hart To Hart: Straight Through The Hart
92 Hart To Hart: Hostage Harts
93 Hart To Hart: Pandora Has Wings
94 Hart To Hart: Harts And Hounds
95 Hart To Hart: Love Game
96 Hart To Hart: Passing Chance
97 Hart To Hart: Long Lost Love
98 Hart To Hart: Highland Fling
99 Hart To Hart: Year Of The Dog
100 Hart To Hart: Trust Your Hart
101 Hart To Hart: Harts On The Run
102 Hart To Hart: Whispers In The Wings
103 Hart To Hart: Max's Waltz
104 Hart To Hart: The Dog Who Knew Too Much
105 Hart To Hart: Silent Dance
106 Hart To Hart: Death Dig
107 Hart To Hart: The Shooting
108 Hart To Hart: Slam Dunk
109 Hart To Hart: Larsen's Last Jump
110 Hart To Hart: Always, Elizabeth
111 Hart To Hart: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
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Hart to Hart

Robert Wagner Jonathan Hart
Stefanie Powers Jennifer Hart, Dominique
Lionel Stander Max
Lee Wilkof Stanley Friesen
Mimi Maynard Deanne, Secretary
Wynn Irwin Lt. Grey
Lyman Ward Lt. Draper
Jon Cutler Lt. Montgomery, Lieutenant Montgomery
Matthew Faison Butler, Jack, Nolan
Richard B. Shull Lt. Gillis
Tom Mankiewicz Director
Earl Bellamy Director
Harry Winer Director
Paul Krasny Director
Ralph Senensky Director
Leo Penn Director
Karen Arthur Director
Kevin Connor Director
Ray Austin Director
Dennis Donnelly Director
Gabrielle Beaumont Director
Peter Medak Director
Seymour Robbie Director
Michael Hiatt Director
Alex March Director
John Patterson Director
Harry Mastrogeorge Director
Bruce Kessler Director
George McCowan Director
Alan Cooke Director
Sam Wanamaker Director
Frank Beascoechea Director
George W. Brooks Director
Robert Loggia Director
Cliff Bole Director
Burt Brinckerhoff Director
Reza Badiyi Director
Stuart Margolin Director
Sidney Sheldon Writer
Sidney Sheldon Writer
Sidney Sheldon Writer
Sidney Sheldon Writer
Bill La Mond Writer
Bill La Mond Writer
Bill La Mond Writer
Jo La Mond Writer
Jo La Mond Writer
Jo La Mond Writer
Lawrence Hertzog Writer
Lawrence Hertzog Writer
Don Roos Writer
Don Roos Writer
Don Roos Writer
Donald Ross Writer
Donald Ross Writer
Donald Ross Writer
Mary Ann Kasica Writer
Mary Ann Kasica Writer
Mary Ann Kasica Writer
Michael Scheff Writer
Michael Scheff Writer
Michael Scheff Writer
Edward Martino Writer
Edward Martino Writer
Allyn Freeman Writer
Larry Forrester Writer
Stephen Kandel Writer
Stephen Kandel Writer
David Solomon Writer
David Solomon Writer
Duane Poole Writer
Duane Poole Writer
Tom Swale Writer
Tom Swale Writer
Laurence Richards Writer
Laurence Richards Writer
Laurence Richards Writer
Tom Mankiewicz Writer
Tom Mankiewicz Writer
Sherry Sonnet Writer
Sherry Sonnet Writer
Carol Saraceno Writer
Carol Saraceno Writer
Allan R. Folsom Writer
Allan R. Folsom Writer
Ronnie Wenker-Konner Writer
Ronnie Wenker-Konner Writer
Ronnie Wenker-Konner Writer
James J. Agazzi Writer
Bruce Darling Writer
Vicki King Writer
David Levinson Writer
Walt Rappeport Writer
Bob Shayne Writer
E. Jeffrey Smith Writer
Will Thornbury Writer
Rogers Turrentine Writer
Marshall Williams Writer
E. Nick Alexander Writer
Barbara Butler Writer
Paul W. Cooper Writer
Paul L. Ehrmann Writer
Donna Myrow Writer
Jeff Myrow Writer
Stanley Roberts Writer
Robert E. Swanson Writer
Bill Taub Writer
Kenneth Alan Berg Writer
Les Carter Writer
Leonard Kantor Writer
David Loughery Writer
Arnold Somkin Writer
Ross Teel Writer
Anthony Yerkovich Writer
Paul Boorstin Writer
Sharon Boorstin Writer
Catherine Clinch Writer
Catherine Clinch Writer
Madeline Di Maggio Writer
Mary DiMaggio Writer
B. Edwin Writer
Peter Elliot Writer
Rowby Goren Writer
Rick Husky Writer
Stephen Katz Writer
Lisa Lazarus Writer
Donna Pekkonen Writer
Alan Rachins Writer
Richard Raskind Writer
Stephen Richmond Writer
Lana Sands Writer
Amelia Anderson Writer
Walter Dallenbach Writer
Donald P.H. Eaton Writer
Donald P.H. Eaton Writer
Bill Froehlich Writer
Bill Froehlich Writer
Mark Lisson Writer
Mark Lisson Writer
Hugh McKay Writer
Elaine Newman Writer
Martin Roth Writer
Mike Snyder Writer
Jaron Summers Writer
Elizabeth Tully Writer
Towne Allen Writer
Shea E. Butler Writer
Marvin Himelfarb Writer
Roderick Mann Writer
Patrick Mathews Writer
William Whitehead Writer
Leonard Goldberg Producer
Aaron Spelling Producer
Michael Hiatt Producer
Mart Crowley Producer
Mart Crowley Producer
John Ziffren Producer
John Ziffren Producer
Hugh Benson Producer
Leigh Vance Producer
David Levinson Producer
Gordon Cornell Layne Producer

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