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Green Acres: The Final Season

Released: July 10, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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Wish a fond farewell to the bucolic – and eccentric – world of Green Acres with the Final Season of this beloved sitcom. Whether Oliver and Lisa Douglas (Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor) are playing hosts to a baby elephant, becoming mayoral candidates – opposing mayoral candidates – or unwittingly sharing their Hawaiian honeymoon with another couple, their hilarious exploits make this hilarious show required viewing for anyone going after their PhD in Classic TV!

Arnold Ziffel's College of Useless Knowledge, Factoid #6: Although Green Acres was still highly rated during its sixth and final season, the show was canceled by CBS as part of the "rural purge," which saw all networks dropping many series with rural themes or appeal, including The Beverly Hillbillies, Hee Haw, and Mayberry R.F.D.

Includes All 26 Episodes!


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Episode Episode Title
Green Acres: The Ex-Secretary
Green Acres: Hawaiian Honeymoon
Green Acres: Lisa The Psychologist
Green Acres: The Hole In The Porch
Green Acres: The Carpenter's Ball
Green Acres: A Girl For Drobny
Green Acres: King Oliver I
Green Acres: The Spot Remover
Green Acres: Star Witness
Green Acres: The Wedding Deal
Green Acres: Son Of Drobny
Green Acres: The Engagement Ring
Green Acres: The Free Paint Job
Green Acres: Charlie, Homer, And Natasha
Green Acres: The Liberation Movement
Green Acres: The High Cost Of Loving
Green Acres: Oliver's Double
Green Acres: Enterprising Eb
Green Acres: A Royal Love Story
Green Acres: Apple-Picking Time
Green Acres: Eb's Double Trouble
Green Acres: Oliver Goes Broke
Green Acres: The Great Mayorality Campaign
Green Acres: Jealousy
Green Acres: The Coming-Out Party
Green Acres: The City Kids
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Green Acres: The Final Season

Eddie Albert Actor
Eva Gabor Actor
Pat Buttram Actor
Tom Lester Actor
Alvy Moore Actor
Hank Patterson Actor
Frank Cady Actor
Fran Ryan Actor
Mary Grace Canfield Actor
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