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Green Acres: Season Five

Released: February 27, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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Head back to Hooterville hilarity with Green Acres: Season Five, starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor! Leaving the bright lights of New York City behind them, Oliver Douglas (Albert) and his wife Lisa (Gabor) discover some of the most eccentric characters and zany situations in all of television history. Season Five finds the Douglases getting a visit from Lisa's "mudder" and Hooterville playing host to the world's first millionaire pig!

Arnold Ziffel's College of Useless Knowledge, #5: The immortal Green Acres theme song was composed by Vic Mizzy, who also gave us the equally memorable theme to The Addams Family.

Includes All 26 episodes!


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Episode Episode Title
Green Acres: The Wealthy Landowner
Green Acres: The Beeping Rock
Green Acres: Happy Birthday
Green Acres: Uncle Fedor
Green Acres: The Picnic
Green Acres: The Ex-Con
Green Acres: The Cow Killer
Green Acres: The Case Of The Hooterville Refund Fraud
Green Acres: The Confrontation
Green Acres: Bundle Of Joy
Green Acres: Trapped
Green Acres: Rest And Relaxation
Green Acres: The Wish-Book
Green Acres: Beauty Is Skin Deep
Green Acres: Oliver And The Cornstalk
Green Acres: Ralph's Nuptials
Green Acres: Oliver's Schoolgirl Crush
Green Acres: The Special Delivery Letter
Green Acres: The Youth Center
Green Acres: Four Of Spades
Green Acres: The Road
Green Acres: Lisa's Mudder Comes For A Visit
Green Acres: You And Your Big Shrunken Head
Green Acres: A Tale Of A Tail
Green Acres: Where There's A Will
Green Acres: Everybody Tries To Love A Countess
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Green Acres: Season Five

Eddie Albert Actor
Eva Gabor Actor
Pat Buttram Actor
Tom Lester Actor
Alvy Moore Actor
Hank Patterson Actor
Frank Cady Actor
Fran Ryan Actor
Mary Grace Canfield Actor
Kay E. Kuter Actor
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