Great Expectations

Released: May 24, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Michael York (Logan's Run) and Oscar® nominees* Sarah Miles (Blow-Up), and James Mason (A Star Is Born) lead a sumptuous adaptation of Charles Dickens' beloved novel, Great Expectations.

Pip (York) is a poor young man from the working class who finds new meaning in his life when he falls for the beautiful and well-off Estella (Miles). However, due to Pip's station in life, Estella cruelly views him as nothing but a mere distraction. But when Pip comes into a fortune inherited from a mysterious benefactor, he is able to improve his social status – and sets about wooing her in earnest.

A tale of ambition and love – and all its goods and ills – Great Expectations is one of the world's most eternally classic stories, beautifully told in this cinematic adaptation from Tony award-winning** director Joseph Hardy.

*Miles: 1970: Best Actress in a Leading Role, Ryan's Daughter

Mason: 1982: Best Actor in a Supporting Role, The Verdict; 1966: Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Georgy Girl; 1954: Best Actor in a Leading Role, A Star Is Born

**1970: Best Direction, Child's Play

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Great Expectations

Anthony Quayle Actor
James Mason Actor
Joseph Hardy Director
Joss Ackland Actor
Margaret Leighton Actor
Michael York Actor
Norman Rosemont Actor
Rachel Roberts Actor
Robert Fryer Producer
Robert Morley Actor
Sarah Miles Actor
Sherman Yellen Writer
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