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Gravity Falls: The Complete Series [Collector's Edition] + Exclusive Lithograph

Released: July 24, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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Welcome To Gravity Falls !

Twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines are sent to the small town of Gravity Falls, Oregon to spend their summer vacation with their great uncle ("Grunkle") Stan. Upon arrival, Grunkle Stan enlists the siblings' help in running The Mystery Shack, a self-owned tourist trap that overcharges unsuspecting customers. While Dipper has a hard time getting used to his new surroundings, Mabel's upbeat optimism comes in handy in her quest to find true love.

But there may be more to Gravity Falls than meets the eye as Dipper and Mabel encounter strange occurrences and weird creatures. When Dipper stumbles upon an elusive book, he discovers it is the answer to uncovering the town's mysterious happenings. Soon, Dipper and Mabel realize they must rely on each other to navigate this unfamiliar place. Meanwhile, Grunkle Stan guards a secret of his own — one that just might hold the key to unlocking the deeper mystery that is Gravity Falls.

Includes All 40 Episodes!

NEWLY ANNOUNCED (5/29/2018): 100 pre-orders, selected at random, will receive the exclusive lithograph signed by series creator Alex Hirsch!


Bonus Features

  • NEW Audio Commentaries On All 40 Episodes With Creator Alex Hirsch And Members Of The Cast And Crew
  • NEW "One Crazy Summer" – A Look Back At Gravity Falls Featuring Interviews With Alex Hirsch, Actors Jason Ritter, Kristen Schaal, Jackie Buscarino, Thurop Van Orman, Carl Faruolo, And Niki Yang, Creative Director Michael Rianda, Producers Rob Renzetti And Brian Doell, Directors And Artists Matt Braly And Joe Pitt, Writers Jeff Rowe, Shion Takeuchi, And Josh Weinstein, Composer Brad Breeck, Art Director Ian Worrel, Artists Dana Terrace, Robertryan Cory, Andy Gonsalves, Sean Jimenez, And Alonso Ramirez Ramos, And Alex's Twin And The Inspiration For Mabel, Ariel Hirsch (105 minutes)
  • NEW "The Hirsch Twins" – Alex & Ariel Hirsch Remember Their Own Summers Growing Up
  • NEW Deleted Scenes – Over An Hour Of Never-Before-Seen Content  
  • "Between The Pines" – Behind-The-Scenes Series Finale Special
  • Shorts – Interstitial Programming Between Seasons 1 And 2
  • Promos – Commercial And Other Promo Materials From The Show’s Run
  • And More ... ?

Product Information

15 hrs
Aspect Ratio ?
Production Date
Closed-Captioned ?


Episode Episode Title
1 Gravity Falls: Tourist Trapped
2 Gravity Falls: The Legend Of The Gobblewonker
3 Gravity Falls: Headhunters
4 Gravity Falls: The Hand That Rocks The Mabel
5 Gravity Falls: The Inconveniencing
6 Gravity Falls: Dipper vs. Manliness
7 Gravity Falls: Double Dipper
8 Gravity Falls: Irrational Treasure
9 Gravity Falls: The Time Traveler's Pig
10 Gravity Falls: Fight Fighters
11 Gravity Falls: Little Dipper
12 Gravity Falls: Summerween
13 Gravity Falls: Boss Mabel
14 Gravity Falls: Bottomless Pit!
15 Gravity Falls: The Deep End
16 Gravity Falls: Carpet Diem
17 Gravity Falls: Boyz Crazy
18 Gravity Falls: Land Before Swine
19 Gravity Falls: Dreamscaperers
20 Gravity Falls: Gideon Rises
21 Gravity Falls: Scary-oke
22 Gravity Falls: Into The Bunker
23 Gravity Falls: The Golf War
24 Gravity Falls: Sock Opera
25 Gravity Falls: Soos And The Real Girl
26 Gravity Falls: Little Gift Shop Of Horrors
27 Gravity Falls: Society Of The Blind Eye
28 Gravity Falls: Blendin's Game
29 Gravity Falls: The Love God
30 Gravity Falls: Northwest Mansion Mystery
31 Gravity Falls: Not What He Seems
32 Gravity Falls: A Tale Of Two Stans
33 Gravity Falls: Dungeons, Dungeons & More Dungeons
34 Gravity Falls: The Stanchurian Candidate
35 Gravity Falls: The Last Mabelcorn
36 Gravity Falls: Roadside Attraction
37 Gravity Falls: Dipper And Mabel vs. The Future
38 Gravity Falls: Xpcveaoqfoxso (aka Weirdmageddon Part 1)
39 Gravity Falls: Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality
40 Gravity Falls: Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls
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