Ghoulies / Ghoulies II [Double Feature] (SOLD OUT)

Released: April 21, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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A Gruesome Twosome of Ghoulies!


Take a creepy old Hollywood mansion, a naive young man and a pretty girl. Add an over-the-top orgy and some slimy, winged goblins who crawl out of toilets, and you have Ghoulies, a horrifying and hilarious ride into the darkest regions of hell! Conjured during a party thrown by the mansion's new owner, the hairy, fanged demons waste no time wreaking havoc on the scene – and declaring the unsuspecting owner their new lord and master! Peter Liapis (Ghost Warrior), Lisa Pelkin (Jennifer), Michael Des Barres (Waxwork II, Under Siege) and Jack Nance (Eraserhead, Twin Peaks) star in this fanged frenzy of sharp twists and eye-popping shocks that'll get you where it counts!


The demonic, toilet-dwelling goblins are back! Stowed away in "Satan's Den," the traveling House of Horror operated by carnival workers Larry and Uncle Ned, the Ghoulies merrily devour the sideshow attraction's patrons... until Larry realizes his horror house is for real and tries to flee the scene! Deliciously outrageous special effects and over-the-top antics ratchet up the horrific fun! Kerry Remsen (Pumpkinhead), Phil Fondacaro (Troll), William Butler (1990's Night Of The Living Dead) and Royal Dano (Big Bad Mama) star in this creepy, crawly sequel that's got every bit as big a bite as the original!


Bonus Features

  • --- GHOULIES ---
  • Audio Commentary With Director/Co-writer Luca Bercovici
  • New Interviews With Executive Producer Charles Band, Composer Richard Band, Actor Michael Des Barres And Special Effects Makeup Artist John Vulich
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • --- GHOULIES II ---
  • New Interviews With Executive Producer Charles Band, Actors Kerry Remsen And Donnie Jeffcoat, And Special Effects Artist Gino Crognale
  • Rare Deleted Scenes
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

Product Information


Peter Liapis Jonathan Graves
Lisa Pelikan Rebecca
Michael Des Barres Malcolm Graves
Jack Nance Wolfgang
Peter Risch Grizzel
Tamara De Treaux Greedigut
Scott Thomson Mike
Ralph Seymour Mark (Toad Boy)
Mariska Hargitay Donna
Keith Joe Dick Dick
Luca Bercovici Director
Luca Bercovici Written By
Jefery Levy Written By
Charles Band Executive Producer
Debra Dion Associate Producer
Jefery Levy Producer

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Ghoulies II

Damon Martin Larry
Royal Dano Uncle Ned
Phil Fondacaro Sir Nigel Penneyweight
J. Downing P. Hardin
Kerry Remsen Nicole
Dale Wyatt Dixie
Jon Pennell Bobby
Sasha Jenson Teddy
Starr Andreeff Alice
William Butler Merle
Albert Band Director
Charlie Dolan Story
Dennis Paoli Screenplay
Luca Bercovici Characters
Albert Band Producer
Charles Band Executive Producer
Frank Hildebrand Associate Producer

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