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Get A Life: The Complete Series

Released: September 18, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Both seasons complete on DVD for the first time!

Surreal, twisted and hilariously funny, Get a Life is the ultimate anti-sitcom. Chris Peterson (Saturday Night Live’s Chris Elliott) is a 30-year-old paperboy who still lives with his parents and who seems to have an ever decreasing grip on reality. This weird, wonderful cult hit was hailed as “one of the best shows on television” by Entertainment Weekly and the Washington Post, and the San Francisco Examiner called it “the most American show on television.”

Bonus Features

  • A Conversation With Executive Producer/Co-creator David Mirkin And Writer/Producers Steve Pepoon And Jace Richdale
  • Featurettes With James L. Brooks, Judd Apatow And Peter Chernin
  • Special Commentary With Psychologist Dr. Wendy Walsh Analyzing Chris Peterson’s Mental Issues
  • Alternate Audio Version Without Laugh Track On Select Episodes
  • Commentaries On Every Episode
  • Paleyfest 2000! Featuring David Mirkin, Elinor Donahue, Brian Doyle-Murray, Robin Riker, Charlie Kaufman, Bob Odenkirk, Steve Pepoon And Jace Richdale
  • Booklet featuring an essay by TV Critic Tom Shales
  • And More!

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Get A Life

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Robin Riker Actor
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