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Gene Autry Collection 7

Released: August 26, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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Gene Autry is the only entertainer with all five stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, one each for Radio, Recording, Motion Pictures, Television and Live Performance. He was the silver screen’s first singing cowboy and is credited with creating the genre of the musical B Western. As the star of 89 feature films, Gene brings music, comedy and action to each of his roles. Now, for the first time in a DVD collection, Gene Autry’s rollicking big screen adventures and unforgettable tunes are brought home in these Western classics, fully restored and uncut from Autry’s personal film archives.


Billed as "a new kind of entertainment with music, thrills and comedy" in 1935, Tumbling Tumbleweeds presented Gene Autry as "radio's silver voice now heard on the talking screen in trills, thrills and spills." Singing cowboy Gene Autry is thrown into the midst of the mysterious killing of his father and to make matters worse, his best friend is accused of the crime. This rip-roaring Western has daring rescues, an old time medicine show, fast riding, hard-hitting fistfights, rib-tickling antics from Smiley Burnette and the sensational songs of Gene Autry! (1935)


Nightclub singer Eleanor Spencer flees Chicago after witnessing a murder committed by her boss, gangster Mike Scarlotti. Fearing for her safety, Eleanor heads West and is soon recognized by crooked saloon owner Martin Simms. Sheriff Gene Autry also recognizes her and comes to her aid. Sheriff Autry and Deputy Frog Millhouse must also contend with the O'Keefe Brothers (the Sons of the Pioneers with Roy Rogers) and a wild cattle stampede! With Smiley Burnette, Hope Manning, Lon Chaney, Jr. and Champion. (1936)


When Deputy Sheriff Gene Autry agrees to become the guardian of a dying friend's three young sons from Chicago, he soon learns that the boys are a pack of ruffians and not the least bit impressed with cowboys and ranch life. The boys make things miserable for Gene's sweetheart and schoolteacher Peggy Shaw, but things really get complicated when the local cattle rustler covertly wins the young hoodlums' regard, promising to let them into his gang while secretly planning to adopt the boys and thereby gain control of their inherited ranch to carry on his rustling activities. With Smiley Burnette, Shirley Deane, Tommy Ryan, Walter Tetley, David Gorcery and Champion. (1938)


Rodeo cowboys Gene Autry and Frog Millhouse journey South to retrieve a valuable thoroughbred horse which Gene believes he bought. But Caroline Stanhope, the granddaughter of the original owner, thinks Gene acquired the horse by trickery. Gene soon discovers a series of complications, including a pending tax auction on the Stanhope plantation, a lecherous villain, a fox hunt, and Gene competing in a steeplechase! With Smiley Burnette, June Storey, Mary Lee, Eddy Waller, Hardie Albright, Jimmie Lewis and His Texas Cowboys and Champion. (1940)

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428 min
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Black & White
Not Rated
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Gene Autry Collection 7

Writer Ford Beebe
Actor Gene Autry
Actor George 'Gabby' Hayes
Director Joseph Kane
Actor Lucile Browne
Producer Nat Levine
Actor Norma Taylor
Actor Smiley Burnette

Carolina Moon

Director Frank McDonald
Actor Gene Autry
Actor Hardie Albright
Actor June Storey
Actor Mary Lee
Actor Smiley Burnette
Writer Winston Miller
Producer William Berke

Prairie Moon

Director Ralph Staub
Actor Gene Autry
Actor Shirley Deane
Actor Smiley Burnette
Actor Tommy Ryan
Writer Betty Burbridge
Writer Stanley Roberts
Producer Harry Grey

The Old Corral

Director Joseph Kane
Actor Champion
Actor Gene Autry
Actor Irene Manning
Actor Lon Chaney Jr.
Actor Smiley Burnette
Writer Joseph F. Poland
Writer Sherman L. Lowe
Producer Nat Levine
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