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Gekisou Sentai Carranger: The Complete Series

Released: April 25, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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Power Rangers


Before Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, There Was Super Sentai!

See where the worldwide phenomenon began with the original Japanese series that inspired the Power Rangers franchise!

After the Bowzock, a ruthless — not to mention reckless — gang of interstellar biker thugs, destroy his home planet of Hazard, Dappu visits Earth where he discovers five humans with the ability to harness "Carmagic." With this power, these five heroes can defeat the Bowzock before the band of witless bikers is able to add Earth to its list of wrecked worlds.

With the 20th season of Super Sentai, Toei opted to go for a much more lighthearted approach to the franchise, creating what some consider a "parody" of itself. The result is the quirky Gekisou Sentai Carranger, a season that has become a fan-favorite throughout the world.

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Gekisou Sentai Carranger: The Complete Series

Atsuko Kurusu Actor
Hōchū Ōtsuka Actor
Kiyoshi Kobayashi Actor
Mari Maruta Actor
Yoshihiro Fukuda Actor
Yoshihiro Masujima Actor
Yūji Kishi Actor
Yuka Motohashi Actor
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