Future Boy Conan: The Complete Series

Released: November 16, 2021 • Available in US & Canada
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"A real joy!" – Jordan Allen, Japan Times

Twenty years ago, a terrible war fought with magnetic weapons caused the Earth's axis to tilt, and the resulting earthquakes and tidal waves destroyed civilization. Conan is born into this new world, raised by his adopted grandfather on an isolated island. But his life is changed forever when a mysterious girl named Lana washes ashore, pursued by shadowy operatives who seek to use her in a new scheme to control what's left of the world.

The directorial debut of Academy Award®-winner* Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away), Future Boy Conan is a landmark in animation history. This crackling sci-fi adventure series, beloved worldwide but never before released in North America, features a new English language version and 4K digital restoration.

*2002: Best Animated Feature, Spirited Away; 2015: Honorary Award

Why We Love It

“Overall, Future Boy Conan is one of the best anime ever made. Not only on its own merits as a great and hugely fun series that demands to be binged watched, but also its ongoing cultural legacy and how it has helped shaped anime storytelling over the fast four decades. While Miyazaki may be lauded for his films, Future Boy Conan is easily his best anime work by far.” – Ollie Barder, Forbes

Bonus Features

  • Exclusive 16-Page Booklet Featuring Character Artwork
  • Promotional Trailer

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Episode Episode Title
1 Future Boy Conan: Remnant Island
2 Future Boy Conan: The Journey
3 Future Boy Conan: The First Friend
4 Future Boy Conan: The Barracuda
5 Future Boy Conan: Industria
6 Future Boy Conan: Dyce's Rebellion
7 Future Boy Conan: Chase
8 Future Boy Conan: Escape
9 Future Boy Conan: The Salvage Ship
10 Future Boy Conan: Dr. Lao
11 Future Boy Conan: Escaping
12 Future Boy Conan: Core Block
13 Future Boy Conan: High Harbor
14 Future Boy Conan: A Day On The Island
15 Future Boy Conan: Barren Land
16 Future Boy Conan: The Hut For Two
17 Future Boy Conan: Battle
18 Future Boy Conan: Gun Boat
19 Future Boy Conan: A Big Tidal Wave
20 Future Boy Conan: Going To Industria Again
21 Future Boy Conan: Residents Under The Ground
22 Future Boy Conan: Rescue
23 Future Boy Conan: The Solar Tower
24 Future Boy Conan: Giganto
25 Future Boy Conan: The End Of Industria
26 Future Boy Conan: Denouement
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Future Boy Conan

Noriko Ohara Conan
Masatô Ibu Opening Narration
Mieko Nobusawa Lana
Kazuyo Aoki Jimsy
Ichirô Nagai Captain Dyce
Rihoko Yoshida Monsley
Takuzô Kamiyama Dongoroth, Donogorth
Tetsuo Mizutori Kuzo, Luca
Masato Yamanouchi Dr. Bliack Lao - Lana's Grand Father, Patch
Iemasa Kayumi Lepka
Hayao Miyazaki Director
Keiji Hayakawa Director
Isao Takahata Director
Alexander Key Writer
Akira Nakano Writer
Sôji Yoshikawa Writer
Satoshi Kurumi Writer
Shigeo Endo Producer
Kôichi Motohashi Producer
Junzô Nakajima Producer

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