Frontier Circus: The Complete TV Series

Released: April 20, 2010 • Available in US & Canada
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For the first time on DVD, the Circus comes to the Wild West! Featuring Chill Wills, John Derek and Richard Jaeckel in 26 hour-long episodes.

Guest stars include Aldo Ray, Brain Keith, Claude Akins, and a unique star turn by Sammy Davis, Jr.

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Episode Episode Title
1 Depths of Fear
2 The Smallest Target
3 Lippizan
4 Dr. Sam
5 The Hunter and the Hunted
6 Karina
7 Journey from Hannibal
8 Winter Quarters
9 Patriarch of Purgatory
10 The Shaggy Kings
11 Coals of Fire
12 The Balloon Girl
13 Mr. Grady Regrets
14 Quick Shuffle
15 The Courtship
16 Stopover in Paradise
17 Calamity Circus
18 The Inheritance
19 Naomi Champagne
20 Mighty Like Rogues
21 Never Won Fair Lady
22 The Good Fight
23 The Clan MacDuff
24 The Race
25 The Daring Durandos
26 Incident at Pawnee Gun
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Frontier Circus

Chill Wills Colonel Casey Thompson, Col. Casey Thompson
John Derek Ben Travis
Richard Jaeckel Tony Gentry
J. Pat O'Malley Duffy
Roy Barcroft Gore, Pete Andrews
Paul Newlan Doc Turner, General Youngblood
Gordon Jones Jase, Rousty
Warren J. Kemmerling Boss, John Bowman
Richard Reeves Gruber, The Customer
Kenneth Tobey Frank Mitchell, Marshal Walden
William Witney Director
John English Director
Sydney Pollack Director
Don Weis Director
Alan Crosland Jr. Director
Robert Gist Director
Hollingsworth Morse Director
Richard Irving Director
Earl Bellamy Director
Tay Garnett Director
Charles F. Haas Director
Gilbert Kay Director
Lesley Selander Director
Samuel A. Peeples Writer
Frank Price Writer
Lawrence Kimble Writer
Steven Ritch Writer
Ken Pettus Writer
Jean Holloway Writer
Shimon Wincelberg Writer
Les Crutchfield Writer
D.C. Fontana Writer
Bob Barbash Writer
Lee Erwin Writer
Ric Hardman Writer
Donn Mullally Writer
Vance Skarstedt Writer
N.B. Stone Jr. Writer
Robert E. Thompson Writer
Thomas Thompson Writer

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