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Freaks And Geeks: The Complete Series [with Collector's Book]

Released: April 6, 2004 • Available in US & Canada
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Product Note: This set features the original deluxe packaging with collector's book!


The fans demanded it, and so it has come. Freaks and Geeks, the EmmyⓇ award-winning series about the trials and tribulations of outsiders in 1980 Michigan is finally coming out on DVD in its original form, with all of its original music. The complete series includes all 18 original episodes; the director's cut of the pilot with never-before-seen footage; deleted scenes; outtakes; behind-the-scenes footage and 29 commentary tracks by the actors, writers and directors who made the show. If you wanted it, it's in here. Even if you didn't want it, it's in here. So rock on and enjoy!

"stunningly funny and moving" - Rolling Stone

"well written and brilliantly cast" - Newsday

"funny, tender, achingly real" - TV Guide

Bonus Features

  • 29 Commentaries From Show Producers, Studio Executives, Cast Members, Crew And Fans
  • Over Two Hours Of New Show Material Including Audition Footage And Deleted Scenes From Every Episode
  • Outtakes, Bloopers And Alternate Takes From Every Episode
  • Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Original Show Promotional Footage
  • 28-Page Booklet With An Essay By Freaks And Geeks Creator Paul Feig, Q&A With Producer/Writer Judd Apatow And Illustrated With Extremely Geeky Photos

Product Information

18 hrs
Aspect Ratio ?
Not Rated
Production Date
Closed-Captioned ?


Episode Episode Title
1 Freaks And Geeks: Pilot
2 Freaks And Geeks: Beers And Weirs
3 Freaks And Geeks: Tricks And Treats
4 Freaks And Geeks: Kim Kelly Is My Friend
5 Freaks And Geeks: Tests And Breasts
6 Freaks And Geeks: I'm With The Band
7 Freaks And Geeks: Carded And Discarded
8 Freaks And Geeks: Girlfriends And Boyfriends
9 Freaks And Geeks: We've Got Spirit
10 Freaks And Geeks: The Diary
11 Freaks And Geeks: Looks And Books
12 Freaks And Geeks: The Garage Door
13 Freaks And Geeks: Chokin' And Tokin'
14 Freaks And Geeks: Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers
15 Freaks And Geeks: Noshing And Moshing
16 Freaks And Geeks: Smooching And Mooching
17 Freaks And Geeks: The Little Things
18 Freaks And Geeks: Discos And Dragons
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Freaks And Geeks: The Complete Series [with Collector's Book]

Actor Becky Ann Baker
Actor Busy Philipps
Actor James Franco
Actor Jason Segel
Actor Joe Flaherty
Actor John Francis Daley
Producer Judd Apatow
Actor Linda Cardellini
Actor Martin Starr
Producer Paul Feig
Actor Samm Levine
Actor Seth Rogen

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