Violent Femmes
Freak Magnet

Released: May 24, 2005 • Available in US & Canada
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Originally scheduled for a 1998 release on Interscope, Freak Magnet was pulled when the band was dropped from the label. Promo copies fetched upwards of $50 until the album was released in improved form by indie label Beyond in 2000. Beyond soon went under, leaving Freak Magnet in limbo once again. Now, Shout! Factory is reissuing an even more improved version of Freak Magnet-including bonus tracks-finally giving it the widespread exposure it deserves.

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Track Track Name
1 Hollywood Is High
2 Freak Magnet
3 Sleepwalkin'
4 All I Want
5 New Generation
6 In The Dark
7 Rejoice And Be Happy
8 Mosh Pit
9 Forbidden
10 When You Died
11 At Your Feet
12 I Danced
13 I'm Bad
14 Happiness Is
15 A Story (featuring Pierre Henry)
16 Rejoice And Be Happy (Live)
17 Freak Magnet (Live)
18 Positively 4th Street (Live)
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