Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate

Released: October 2, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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"An Extravagant And Action-Packed Ride" – The Hollywood Reporter

International action star Jet Li leads an incredible cast in a gripping story of power, pleasure and revenge. Vigilante general Zhao (Li) is determined to restore order to the royal throne by tracking down corrupt officials, including Yu, an incredibly determined eunuch. Yu and his soldiers are on their way to the new Dragon Inn, where they hope to find a runaway pregnant palace concubine and a tough swordswoman who have sought refuge there. As a legendary sandstorm lays hold of the region, fighters, treasure-seekers and assassins alike will find themselves in the midst of a powerful, unforgettable showdown of good vs. evil. Winner at the Asian Film Awards, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is a martial arts masterpiece filled with spectacular special effects delivering knock-out action that has to be seen to be believed.

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  • Making Of Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate
  • Interviews With Cast And Filmmakers
  • Behind The Scenes

Product Information

Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate

Chen Danian Producer
Chen Kun Actor
Fan Siu Wong Actor
Gordon Liu Actor
Gwei Lun Mei Actor
Han Sanping Producer
Ho Kei Ping Writer
Jeffrey Chan Producer
Jet Li Actor
Li Ruigang Producer
Li Yuchun Actor
Mavis Fan Actor
Nansun Shi Producer
Sheng Chien Actor
Tsui Hark Director
Tsui Hark Writer
Tsui Hark Producer
Yu Dong Producer
Zhou Xun Actor
Zhu Yali Writer
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