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Fireball XL5: The Complete Series

Released: March 10, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Blast off into the farthest reaches of space in Fireball XL5!

In the future, mankind has at last made its giant leap beyond the bonds of Earth. Under the supervision of the World Space Patrol, the galaxy and all its wonders are finally being explored by a fleet of spaceships unlike anything we have had before. Under the command of the rugged Colonel Steve Zodiac, the fleet's flagship Fireball XL5 investigates the deepest corners of Galactic Sector 25 in search of faraway planets, alien life and adventure.

Another distinctive creation from the mind of producer Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet), Fireball XL5 debuted in 1962 and soon became a favorite of young viewers with one eye aimed at the television and the other on the rapidly growing Space Race. Anderson's famous SUPERMARIONATION technique is of course on full display here, offering its unique look and style to the adventures of Colonel Zodiac and his crew.

All thirty-nine fantastic tales from Fireball XL5 - in glorious black and white - are presented here in an out of this world box set.


Bonus Features

  • Gerry Anderson Interview - Supermarionation
  • Printable Fireball XL5 Publicity Brochure (PDF on Disc 1)
  • Featurette - The Noble Art of Fireball XL5
  • Audio Commentary on "The Doomed Planet" and "Space City Capital"

Product Information


Episode Episode Title
Fireball XL5: The Fire Fighters
Fireball XL5: Flight To Danger
Fireball XL5: Prisoner On The Lost Planet
Fireball XL5: Sabotage
Fireball XL5: The Triads
Fireball XL5: Wings Of Danger
Fireball XL5: Space Pen
Fireball XL5: Convict In Space
Fireball XL5: The Last Of The Zanadus
Fireball XL5: Space Pirates
Fireball XL5: XL5 To H20
Fireball XL5: Spy In Space
Fireball XL5: Flying Zodiac
Fireball XL5: Space Monster
Fireball XL5: Space Immigrants
Fireball XL5: The Sun Temple
Fireball XL5: Plant Man From Space
Fireball XL5: Space City Special
Fireball XL5: A Day In The Life Of A Space General
Fireball XL5: Trial By Robot
Fireball XL5: Ghosts Of Space
Fireball XL5: Invasion Earth
Fireball XL5: The Day The Earth Froze
Fireball XL5: Faster Than Light
Fireball XL5: Whistle For Danger
Fireball XL5: Drama At Space City
Fireball XL5: The Robot Freighter Mystery
Fireball XL5: 1875
Fireball XL5: Dangerous Cargo
Fireball XL5: The Granatoid Tanks
Fireball XL5: The Forbidden Planet
Fireball XL5: Robert To The Rescue
Fireball XL5: Mystery Of The TA2
Fireball XL5: Space Vacation
Fireball XL5: The Doomed Planet
Fireball XL5: Space Magnet
Fireball XL5: Planet Of Platonia
Fireball XL5: Hypnotic Sphere
Fireball XL5: Planet 46
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Fireball XL5: The Complete Series

David Graham Actor
Gerry Anderson Actor
Gerry Anderson Producer
John Bluthal Actor
Paul Maxwell Actor
Sylvia Anderson Actor
Sylvia Anderson Producer
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