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Father Knows Best: Season Six

Released: April 19, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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All 32 Uncut Episodes

Robert Young stars as Jim Anderson in the final season of the television classic Father Knows Best. With Bud chasing girls, Betty off at college and Kathy nearing high school graduation, Jim and Margaret have their hands full in Season Six. Lucky for them, the father who knows best still has a wealth of good advice to impart to the Anderson clan.

Throughout the previous five seasons, we've watched Betty, Bud and Kathy grow up under the watchful eye of the best in the business. A lot has changed through the years, but the loving relationships are still much the same.


Bonus Features

  • WINDOW ON MAIN STREET: "Day In The Life Of The Editor" And "$1.19 Thief" Episodes From Robert Young's Very Next TV Series

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Father Knows Best

Billy Gray Actor
Elinor Donahue Actor
Jane Wyatt Actor
Lauren Chapin Actor
Robert Young Actor
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