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Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids: The Complete Series

Released: June 25, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Hey, Hey, Hey!

Here it is . . . every episode of the classic series created, produced and hosted by legendary comedian Bill Cosby. Fat Albert was not only a show that entertained children, but it also delivered an educational and moral lesson. The show was based on Cosby's own childhood experiences growing up in the inner city of North Philadelphia and originated in his stand-up comedy routine in the late '60s.

In 2002 Fat Albert ranked #12 on TV Guide's list of the 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time.

Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids: The Complete Series includes all 110 episodes of the hit show. Join Bill Cosby, Fat Albert, Rudy, Weird Harold, Mushmouth, Dumb Donald, Russell and the Brown Hornet as they sing, laugh and learn their way into television history.

Bonus Features

  • Hey, Hey, Hey . . . It's The Story Of Fat Albert: One-Hour Documentary

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Episode Episode Title
1 Pain, Pain, Go Away
1 Habla Espanol
1 Lying
1 The Bully'
1 The Fuzz
1 Smoke Gets in Your Hair
1 In My Merry Busmobile
2 The Rainbow
2 2 by 2
2 The Runt
2 Smart Kid
2 An Ounce of Prevention
2 What Say?
2 The Dancer
3 The Secret
3 Parking Dog
3 The Stranger
3 Mister Big Timer
3 Fat Albert Meets Dan Cupid
3 Readin', Ritin' and Rudy
3 Spare the Rod
4 Easy Pickin's
4 Water You Waiting For?
4 Creativity
4 The Newcomer
4 Suede Simpson
4 Sweet Sorrow
5 Poll Time
5 Good Ol' Dudes
5 The New Father
5 Fish Out of Water
5 Dad's Job
5 Animal Lover
6 The Mainstream
6 Heads or Tails
6 Double Cross
6 Moving
6 Mom or Pop
6 TV or Not TV
7 Free Ride
7 Pot of Gold
7 Little Girl Found
7 Playing Hookey
7 How the West Was Lost
7 The Shuttered Window
8 Soft Core
8 The Gunslinger
8 Watch That First Step
8 The Hospital
8 Sign Off
8 Junk Food
9 Beggin' Benny
10 The Hero: Cool or Fool?
11 The Prankster
12 Four Eyes
13 The Tomboy
14 Stagefright
16 The Joker
44 Wheeler
45 Faking the Grade
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Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Bill Cosby Fat Albert Jackson, Brown Hornet, Bill
Gerald Edwards Weird Harold
Erika Scheimer
Lou Scheimer Dumb Donald, Legal Eagle, Stinger
Jan Crawford Bucky, Russell
Eric Suter Rudy
Jay Scheimer Miss Breyfogle (1972-1978)
Arthur H. Nadel Director
Gwen Wetzler Director
Lou Kachivas Director
Hal Sutherland Director
Bob Arkwright Director
Steve Clark Director
Ed Friedman Director
Marsh Lamore Director
Ernie Schmidt Director
Tom Sito Director
Lou Zukor Director
Bill Danch Writer
Bill Cosby Writer
Jim Ryan Writer
Martha Humphreys Writer
Sam Simon Writer
Paul Dini Writer
Larry DiTillio Writer
Bill Cox Writer
Len Janson Writer
Chuck Menville Writer
Earl Kress Writer
Misty Stewart-Taggart Writer
Evelyn Gabai Writer
Rowby Goren Writer
Don W. Harmon Writer
Phil Harnage Writer
William Hasley Writer
Robby London Writer
Don Manuel Writer
Charles H. Sullivan Writer
Bill Cosby Producer
Lou Scheimer Producer
Lou Scheimer Producer
Norm Prescott Producer
Norm Prescott Producer
Bill Danch Producer
Jim Ryan Producer

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