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Escape To Grizzly Mountain

Released: August 12, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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A boy travels through time and makes an unlikely friend along the way...

Jimmy Dobson (Miko Hughes) visits a traveling circus and is shocked to see a bear cub being treated cruelly by his trainers. When Jimmy discovers a magical cave that opens a portal in time, he hits upon the idea of using the cave to take the cub back to the year 1841, where it could live and grow in peace. But freeing the bear cub, however, will not be as easy as Jimmy thinks.

A delightful tale set in the splendor of the Pacific Northwest, Escape to Grizzly Mountain is an entertaining race through time to save one of Earth's most adorable creatures! Starring Dan Haggerty (The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams) as Jeremiah, the nature-loving woodsman from the past, and Jan Michael Vincent (Airwolf), this fantasy-adventure is a heartwarming film for all ages!

Product Information

Escape To Grizzly Mountain

Anthony Dalesandro Director
Boon Collins Writer
Dan Haggerty Actor
Ellina McCormick Actor
Eric Parkinson Writer
George Furla Producer
Herb Linsey Producer
Jan-Michael Vincent Actor
Miko Hughes Actor
Miles O'Keeffe Actor
Randall Emmett Producer
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