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Ernie Kovacs: The ABC Specials

Released: April 17, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Product Note: These specials can also be found on The Ernie Kovacs Collection box set.


Before his untimely death at the age of 42, television pioneer Ernie Kovacs left us with a sublime body of comedy work whose influence can be seen on everything from Monty Python to SNL and David Letterman. He made eight TV specials for ABC in 1961, the final year of his life, and these show Kovacs at the peak of his creative experimentation with the medium, featuring many of his comic masterpieces and iconic set pieces. Five of these programs are presented here in complete uncut form, along with many of his celebrated – and delightfully offbeat – commercials for Dutch Masters cigars.

Bonus Features

  • Dutch Masters Commercials

Product Information


Episode Episode Title
Kovacs Special #8 (January 23, 1962)
Kovacs Special #7 (December 12, 1961)
Kovacs Special #6 (November 24, 1961)
Kovacs Special #5 (October 28, 1961)
Kovacs Special #4 (September 21, 1961)

Ernie Kovacs: The ABC Specials

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