The Ernie Kovacs Collection: Volume 2 with Bonus DVD!

Ernie Kovacs

The Ernie Kovacs Collection: Volume 2 with Bonus DVD!

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Release Date:  10/23/2012

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This second volume of The Ernie Kovacs Collection digs deeper into a goldmine of comedy from television’s original genius. Kovacs fans, both longtime and new, will marvel at the sheer invention, wit and goofy charm of these landmark programs, all presented on home video for the first time. Ernie Kovacs was a creative force of nature, and this new collection of his riches—historic, unique and endlessly entertaining—will seal his legacy.



8 More Episodes From His National Morning Show

18 Bonus Sketches Featuring Many Of His Most Beloved Characters

3 Complete Episodes Of His Oddball Game Show Take A Good Look

“A Pony For Chris”—His Rare TV Pilot For Medicine Man Co-Starring Buster Keaton

The Lively Arts Featuring The Only Existing Filmed Interview With Ernie Kovacs

2011 American Cinematheque Panel

12-page booklet with essay.


Bonus DVD:

Included here are seven, never before released episodes of a game show that could only have come from the offbeat mind of Ernie Kovacs--Take A Good Look!


Airing Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. on ABC from October 22, 1959, to March 16, 1961, with a summer hiatus during 1960, Take A Good Look was Ernie Kovacs’ aphoristic “if a tree falls in the woods” answer to the panel quiz show. Ernie turned the secret-guest show formula on its ear and almost inverted it. In TAGL, it is the host gives the panel hints about the secret guest’s identity, and in the form of surreal sight gags, blackouts and sketches. The clues only really make sense if you know who the guest is to begin with. Throughout the series’ run, different approaches were taken to addressing this. During season one Ernie jokingly tries a number of ways to explain the show's formula to the home audience. All in all, it is Ernie who seems to be enjoying the game the most, making these crazy blackouts as well as the commercials for Dutch Masters cigars. You watch the episodes of this game show and wonder “was this really aired on network television?” Some of the guests/panelists include Edie Adams, Carl Reiner, Cesar Romero, Hans Conreid, Roger Hornsby and Bobby Fischer.



Bundle Contains:
  • Ernie Kovacs: The Ernie Kovacs Collection, Vol. 2
  • Ernie Kovacs: Ernie Kovacs: Take A Good Look


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