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Dream Walk

Released: July 29, 2003 • Available in US & Canada
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From her debut album in 1987 A Drop Of Water and then subsequent recordings such as Under Northern Lights (1990), Cherry Blossom (1992), Sapphire (1995), Dream Walk (1996), Full Moon (1998) and The Ring (2002), Keiko Matsui has cemented her reputation and increased her popularity throughout the world.

A smooth jazz superstar today, her growth as a musician has been astounding, not to mention a timely reminder of how this little lady from Japan came to us fully realized and helped to define an American music genre.

This is the second in a series of catalog releases in Shout! Factory's partnership with Keiko. Throughout the year Keiko's body of work will be represented with reissues of several of her most popular albums updated with unreleased tracks as well as other new collections of classic and solo material.

The intricately connected notions of travel and longing for home play obvious and compelling spiritual roles on Dream Walk, Keiko's first-ever expanded CD and her second to feature future star saxophonist Paul Taylor, a fixture in the Matsui's band for several years in the mid-90s. Taylor graces five tunes, including the dreamy-mysticism- meets-hip-hop soundscape-laden title track, the sensual and optimistic "Children Of The Oasis" and the trip-hoppy, electronic percussion-dense funk-fusion excursion "Fire In The Desert."

These Shout! Factory's Keiko Matsui reissues each feature three solo piano tracks from the original Japanese collections. Dream Walk's include the classical-flavored "Flower," the romantic "Tribal Boat" and "Light Above The Trees."

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Disc Track Track Name
1 1 Dream Walk
1 2 Bridge Over The Stars
1 3 Children Of The Oasis
1 4 Fire In The Desert
1 5 Mask
1 6 Presence Of The Moon
1 7 Tribal Boat
1 8 A Cat On The Chimney
1 9 Passage
1 10 Valley
1 11 Flower (Piano Version) [Bonus Track]
1 12 Tribal Boat (Piano Version) [Bonus Track]
1 13 Light Above The Trees (Piano Version) [Bonus Track]
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