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Richard Thompson
Dream Attic

Released: August 31, 2010 • Available in US & Canada
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Richard Thompson, one of the most distinguished guitarists and songwriters of our time, returns with Dream Attic, a collection of 13 brand-new songs recorded in front of live audiences during a February 2010 West Coast tour. By recording Dream Attic on stage, Thompson was able to capture the interaction between himself and his band members, who between them add acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, sax, bass and drums into the mix. Throughout, listeners are treated not only to phenomenal musicianship, but also a typically diverse and strong set of new songs.

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Disc Track Track Name
1 1 The Money Shuffle
1 2 Among the Gorse, Among the Grey
1 3 Haul Me Up
1 4 Burning Man
1 5 Here Comes Geordie
1 6 Demons in Her Dancing Shoes
1 7 Crimescene
1 8 Big Sun Falling in the River
1 9 Stumble On
1 10 Sidney Wells
1 11 A Brother Slips Away
1 12 Bad Again
1 13 If Love Whispers Your Name
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