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Dragnet 1970: Season Four

Released: April 12, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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4-Disc Set with 26 original half-hour episodes!

Airing on NBC, Dragnet 1967-1970 was the second run of the highly popular Dragnet TV series. The show focuses on two detectives - the no-nonsense Sgt. Joe Friday (Jack Webb) and hard-nosed Officer Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan) - as they track down criminals throughout L.A.

Each case was said to have been pulled from actual cases from the L.A.P.D. files. Stories paid careful attention to realism, and had numerous twists before the criminals were finally arrested at the end of each show. Dragnet remains the prototype for TV police dramas and the standard by which they are judged.

The series is also notable for being the first time a cancelled network series was successfully revived.

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Episode Episode Title
Dragnet 1970: Bunco – $9,000
Dragnet 1970: Juvenile Genius
Dragnet 1970: Burglary – Courtroom
Dragnet 1970: D.H.Q. – Missing Persons
Dragnet 1970: Homicide – Cigarette Butt
Dragnet 1970: Juvenile – The Little Pusher
Dragnet 1970: Parolee
Dragnet 1970: Burglary – Mister
Dragnet 1970: D.H.Q. – Medical
Dragnet 1970: Burglary – Baseball
Dragnet 1970: S.I.U. – The Ring
Dragnet 1970: Personnel – The Shooting
Dragnet 1970: Homicide – The Student
Dragnet 1970: D.H.Q. – The Victims
Dragnet 1970: I.A.D. – The Receipt
Dragnet 1970: Robbery – The Harassing Wife
Dragnet 1970: D.H.Q. – Night School
Dragnet 1970: Forgery – The Ranger
Dragnet 1970: Missing Persons – The Body
Dragnet 1970: Auto Theft – Dognappers
Dragnet 1970: Narco – Pill Maker
Dragnet 1970: A.I.D. – The Weekend
Dragnet 1970: Burglary – The Son
Dragnet 1970: Homicide – Who Killed Who
Dragnet 1970: Burglary – Helpful Woman
Dragnet 1970: Narco – Missing Hype
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Dragnet 1970: Season Four

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Art Balinger Actor
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