Dog Soldiers [Collector's Edition]

Released: June 23, 2015 • Available in US
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Scream Factory
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"One of the most explosive and purely enjoyable horror debuts since The Evil Dead." – Total Film

"**** A bitch of a werewolf movie." – Loaded

A group of soldiers dispatched to the Scottish Highlands on special training maneuvers face their biggest fears after they run into Captain Ryan – the only survivor of a Special Ops team that was literally torn to pieces. Ryan refuses to disclose his mission even though whoever attacked his men might be hungry for seconds. Help arrives in the form of local girl who shelters them in a deserted farmhouse deep in the forest...but when they realize that they are surrounded by a pack of blood-lusting werewolves, it's apparent their nightmare has just begun!

From Neil Marshall, the director of The Descent, Doomsday, Centurion and episodes of Game Of Thrones, comes this terrifying thriller starring Kevin McKidd (Rome, Hannibal Rising), Sean Pertwee (Soldier, Event Horizon), Emma Cleasby (Doomsday) and Liam Cunningham (Game Of Thrones, Clash Of The Titans).

Why We Love It

“This 2002 gem is a well deserving and gore soaked entry into those Collector’s Edition ranks. If you missed it then, by all means don’t go missing out on it now.” – Zombies Don’t Run

“Scream Factory delivers Dog Soldiers with its finest home video presentation to date that will easily trump previous releases.” – Mike’s Pop Culture Playhouse

“It’s a definite pick-up for fans of the film, of Marshall’s filmography, and of horror in general.” – Nerdist

“This new edition is not too be missed.” – Examiner

“Rightly considered a cult classic, and featuring a loving amount of practical effects, and without a single weak performance in a genre infamous for them, Dog Soldiers belongs on every horror fan’s shelf, and this edition of the film is the definitive version to put there.” – Cut Print Film

“This Collector’s Edition of Dog Soldiers is quite the release, and definitely one of my favorites Blu-ray releases of 2015 so far” – Icons of Fright

“Scream Factory has gone above and beyond in delivering horror fans the goods with a new audio commentary track and mini-docs that detail the making of the film with new interviews with the cast and crew.” – Geeks of Doom


Bonus Features

  • NEW 2K Scan HD Transfer Supervised And Approved By Director Neil Marshall
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Director Neil Marshall
  • NEW The Making Of DOG SOLDIERS Featuring New Interviews With Director Neil Marshall, Producers Christopher Figg And Keith Bell, Actors Kevin McKidd, Sean Pertwee, Darren Morfitt, Leslie Simpson And Emma Cleasby, Special Effects Artist Bob Keen, And More!
  • NEW A Look At The Model Of The Sets Created By Production Designer Simon Bowles
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Neil Marshall's Short Film: Combat
  • Two Still Galleries – Photos From The Film And Rare Photos From Production Designer Simon Bowles And Special Effects Artist Dave Bonneywell's Archives

Product Information

Dog Soldiers [Collector's Edition]

Sean Pertwee Actor
Kevin McKidd Actor
Liam Cunningham Actor
Emma Cleasby Actor
Thomas Lockyer Actor
Christopher Figg Producer
David E. Allen Producer
Harmon Kaslow Producer
Harmon Kaslow Executive Producer
Neil Marshall Director
Neil Marshall Writer
Romain Schroeder Producer
Romain Schroeder Executive Producer
Tom Reeve Producer
Vic Bateman Producer
Vic Bateman Executive Producer
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