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Diff'rent Strokes: Season Three

Released: July 17, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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It takes DIFF'RENT STROKES to move the world!

Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges return as brothers Arnold and Willis Jackson for another season of family fun and life lessons.

During the third season, Arnold and Willis get held hostage by bank robbers, Mr. Drummond (Conrad Bain) celebrates his 50th birthday in the hospital, Kimberly (Dana Plato) helps a pregnant girl friend, and Arnold "the great" goes missing after a more-than-effective disappearing act. Diff'rent Strokes never shied away from the social and cultural issues at hand, but always managed to deliver laughs and heartfelt character development from week to week.

Diff'rent Strokes ran eight seasons strong, from 1978-1986, airing both on NBC and ABC.

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Diff'rent Strokes: Season Three

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