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Die, Monster, Die!

Released: January 21, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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Boris Karloff, the greatest horror star of all time, takes center stage in this “menagerie of horrors” (Motion Picture Daily) that “spins out shock after shock” (Boxoffice). Like a deadly potion bubbling with eerie mansions, secret experiments and a warning never to look in the basement, this is “pure haunted-house hokum all the way” (Los Angeles Times)!

An English scientist entertains a young American visitor, serving up tea, terror and a beautiful daughter – who is soon torn between her father’s evil ways and her need to protect the man she loves from a diabolical end.

Why We Love It

"Die, Monster, Die! was produced by American International Pictures, features lavish sets and colors and stars a bona fide Horror Icon (Boris Karloff)" -Pop Matters

"However, the Karloff original will never lose its place as many moviegoers' first horrific glimpse of one of literature's most diabolical imaginations." -TCM

"This is a better than average AIP film and worth buying." -Amazon

Product Information

Die Monster Die

Boris Karloff Actor
Daniel Haller Director
Freda Jackson Actor
H.P. Lovecraft Writer
Jerry Sohl Writer
Nick Adams Actor
Pat Green Producer
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