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Designing Women: Season Two

Released: August 11, 2009 • Available in US & Canada
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22 Original Episodes

The staff of Sugarbaker and Associates returns as the sizzle and shake of the South in the second season of Designing Women.

Suzanne (Delta Burke), Julia (Dixie Carter), Mary Jo (Annie Potts) and Charlene (Jean Smart) bring their sexy, strong, smart and sweet Southern style to the Sugarbaker interior design firm. Personalities collide, power struggles ensue, egos are bruised — it's all in a day's work. Having joined the women midway through the first season, Anthony Bouvier (Meshach Taylor) continues on as a series regular and part of the Sugarbaker team as the ex-con with a heart of gold turned male sounding board. This second season also offers the delightful — and now regular — presence of the "just a little off the beam" feisty widow Bernice Clifton (Alice Ghostley). Guest stars include Gerald McRaney (who would later go on to wed Delta Burke in real life), Scott Bakula and Billy Baldwin.

Created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Designing Women aired on CBS from 1986 to 1993, running seven seasons strong. A perfect marriage of smart and funny, the series achieved critical acclaim through its run and remains one of the most groundbreaking series to ever hit the airwaves.


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Episode Episode Title
Designing Women: How Great Thou Art
Designing Women: Ted Bare
Designing Women: Reservations For Eight
Designing Women: Killing All The Right People
Designing Women: Anthony, Jr.
Designing Women: Ted Remarries (aka Ted And Tammy)
Designing Women: The Incredibly Elite Bona Fide Blue-Blood Beaumont Driving Club
Designing Women: 101 Ways To Decorate A Gas Station
Designing Women: High Rollers
Designing Women: The Return Of Ray Don
Designing Women: There's Some Black People Coming To Dinner
Designing Women: Oh, Brother
Designing Women: Second Time Around
Designing Women: Great Expectations
Designing Women: Howard The Date
Designing Women: I'll Be Home For Christmas
Designing Women: I'll Be Seeing You
Designing Women: Stranded
Designing Women: Cruising
Designing Women: Heart Attacks
Designing Women: Dash Goff, The Writer
Designing Women: Half An Air Bubble Off
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Designing Women: Season Two

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