Deadly Force (SOLD OUT)

Released: January 29, 2019 • Available in US
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The X-killer is too insane to be caught. But one ex-cop is just crazy enough to try.

Los Angeles is in the clutches of terror as a killer stalks the streets. Seventeen people have died and the only clue is an "X" carved in the forehead of each victim. Enter Stoney Cooper (Wings Hauser), a former police-officer-turned-private-detective. He's super-tough, rebellious, and angry and vows to bring the psychopath responsible for the "X-murders" to justice.

When innocent people are at risk ... when the police are powerless ... when nothing else will do ... your only recourse is Deadly Force.

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Deadly Force

Wings Hauser Actor
Joyce Ingalls Actor
Paul Shenar Actor
Al Ruscio Actor
Arlen Dean Snyder Actor
Barry Schneider Writer
Ken Barnett Writer
Paul Aaron Director
Robert Vincent O'Neill Writer
Sandy Howard Producer
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