Darkness Rising

Released: November 7, 2017 • Available in US
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They came in search of her past. Pray it lets them escape.

A house's horrifying secrets are resurrected in the blood-drenched nightmare, Darkness Rising. For years, Madison (Tara Holt) has been tormented by her memories of a traumatic incident: the murder of her younger sister at the hands of their own mother. Joined by her fiancé (Bryce Johnson, Willow Creek) and cousin (Katrina Law, Arrow, Spartacus: War of the Damned), Madison returns to her childhood home just before it's slated to be demolished. Seeking closure, the trio instead find themselves pursued by the same malevolent, supernatural presence that drove Madison's mother to unthinkable violence!


Product Information

Darkness Rising

Tara Holt Actor
Bryce Johnson Actor
Katrina Law Actor
Ted Raimi Actor
Austin Reading Director
Daniel Hyman Producer
Jason Potash Producer
Johnny Lee Producer
Julie S. Fuller Producer
Marcus Dean Fuller Producer
Paul Finkel Producer
Sebastien Barleben Producer
Vikram Weet Writer
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