Dark Angel

Released: August 27, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Detective Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgren, Joshua Tree, The Expendables) thought he’d dealt with every kind of crime on earth. But now, someone is using human bodies to manufacture narcotics. Someone – or something – not of this world.

To the Alien that has arrived on earth, humans represent ideal drug factories because of our endorphins. To detective Caine, the Alien represents mankind’s worst threat. If the alien’s mission succeeds, our planet will be destroyed. Together with his straight-arrow FBI partner (Brian Benben, Private Practice) and his girlfriend, the city coroner (Betsy Brantley, Deep Impact), Caine is going to send this alien home in pieces!

Why We Love It

“Lundgren is a surprisingly affable star, incredibly agile in the action sequences and at least decently believable in the emoting department. This Blu-ray features generally very good video and audio and comes with one really worthwhile supplement. Recommended.” – Jeffrey Kauffman, Blu-ray.com

“We don't get anything like this anymore; even Dolph's modern movies tend to be more complicated and feature less variety in their action sequences - not to mention look much cheaper. And whatever you want to call it, this one has been long abandoned on home formats - it never got a real DVD release, only one of those cheapo "on demand" disc releases from MGM, so to finally have a legit release - on Blu-ray! - is a real treat to this fan. 5.1 HD sound for the film's glorious final exchange between Dolph and the alien? Worth every penny.” – Brian Collins, Birth.Movies.Death.


Bonus Features

  • Interviews With Director Craig R. Baxley And Actors Dolph Lundgren And Brian Benben
  • Theatrical Trailer

Product Information

Dark Angel

Craig R. Baxley Director
Betsy Brantley Actor
Brian Benben Actor
Dolph Lundgren Actor
Jonathan Tydor Writer
Leonard Maas Jr. Writer
Jeff Young Producer
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