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Daniel Boone: Season Two [Collector's Edition]

Released: September 27, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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"He fought for America to keep all Americans free…"

Fess Parker returns as one of American frontier's most famous figures in Season Two of Daniel Boone. Airing for six seasons from 1964 to 1970, Daniel Boone followed Parker's celebrated turn as another iconic hero, Davy Crockett. Set in the years immediately preceding the American Revolution, Daniel Boone follows the frontiersman through his amazing exploits in a still-untamed land.

Featuring Patricia Blair, Veronica Cartwright, Darby Hinton, and Ed Ames, this six-disc collection includes all 30 episodes from the second season of the hit series, filled with the thrilling-yet-wholesome Western adventures that keep fans and their families gathering around the television again and again. For frontier action and adventure your whole family will love, let Daniel Boone be your guide.


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Episode Episode Title
1 Daniel Boone: Empire Of The Lost
2 Daniel Boone: The Tortoise And The Hare
3 Daniel Boone: The Mound Builders
4 Daniel Boone: My Name Is Rawls
5 Daniel Boone: The Old Man And The Cave
6 Daniel Boone: The Trek
7 Daniel Boone: The Aaron Burr Story
8 Daniel Boone: Cry Of Gold
9 Daniel Boone: The Peace Tree
10 Daniel Boone: The Thanksgiving Story
11 Daniel Boone: A Rope For Mingo
12 Daniel Boone: The First Beau
13 Daniel Boone: Perilous Journey
14 Daniel Boone: The Christmas Story
15 Daniel Boone: The Tamarack Massacre Affair
16 Daniel Boone: Gabriel
17 Daniel Boone: Seminole Territory
18 Daniel Boone: The Deserter
19 Daniel Boone: Crisis By Fire
20 Daniel Boone: The Gun
21 Daniel Boone: The Prisoners
22 Daniel Boone: The Fifth Man
23 Daniel Boone: The Gun-Barrel Highway
24 Daniel Boone: The Search
25 Daniel Boone: Fifty Rifles
26 Daniel Boone: The Trap
27 Daniel Boone: The Accused
28 Daniel Boone: Cibola
29 Daniel Boone: The High Cumberland, Part 1
30 Daniel Boone: The High Cumberland, Part 2
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Daniel Boone: Season Two [Collector's Edition]

Dal McKennon Actor
Darby Hinton Actor
Ed Ames Actor
Fess Parker Actor
Patricia Blair Actor
Robert Logan Actor
Veronica Cartwright Actor
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