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A kooky cocktail of 1980s politics and pop culture!

Stop us if you've heard this one before: two puppets walk into a bar in Washington, D.C. ... what's that? You have heard this one before? Then have we got a show for you: D.C. Follies! Brought to you by those masters of trippy TV, Sid & Marty Krofft (H.R. Pufnstuf, Land of the Lost), D.C. Follies stars the one and only Fred Willard (Best in Show, Fernwood 2 Night) as the bartender in the hottest joint our nation's capital has ever seen … and where the clientele is made up of puppet caricatures of the biggest names in show biz and affairs of state! From the world stage to the puppet stage, Fred and his most-irregular regulars sock it to the culture of the day with a satiric style that really makes its presence felt. With an array of timely, non-puppet guest stars along for the ride, D.C. Follies is a handy way to look back and laugh at the 1980s, no strings attached.

Includes All 44 Episodes!

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Episode Episode Title
1 D.C. Follies: Reagan Parachutes Into D.C. Follies
2 D.C. Follies: Nixon's Presidential Library Is A Bookmobile
3 D.C. Follies: Sean Penn Escapes From Jail And Heads To D.C. Follies
4 D.C. Follies: Ollie North Raises Money With "Adopt-A-Contra" Scheme
5 D.C. Follies: Tammy Faye Bakker Debuts Her Latest Song
6 D.C. Follies: Jesse Jackson Sings With Dolly, Barbra, And Cher
7 D.C. Follies: George H.W. Bush Schemes To Get Ronald Reagan Out Of The White House
8 D.C. Follies: Nixon Gives Fred Financial Advice … And He Loses His Shirt
9 D.C. Follies: Nixon Impeached From Cub Scouts
10 D.C. Follies: Nixon Acts As Princess Di's Divorce Lawyer
11 D.C. Follies: George H.W. Bush Falls Into A Well
12 D.C. Follies: Reagan Accidentally Gives Fred A Nuke For Christmas
13 D.C. Follies: Reagan Tries To Wipe Out National Debt With TV Home Shopping Show
14 D.C. Follies: For Nixon's Birthday, An Opera Based On His Life
15 D.C. Follies: Astrologer Joyce Jillson Predicts The Future
16 D.C. Follies: Nixon Dreams Of Being A Movie Star With Heather Thomas
17 D.C. Follies: Super Bowl At The Follies
18 D.C. Follies: George H.W. Bush Engages Don King As His Manager
19 D.C. Follies: Margaret Thatcher Confers With Madonna To Find A New Image
20 D.C. Follies: Lee Iacocca Becomes Lee Ayatollah And Opens A Chrysler Plant In Iran
21 D.C. Follies: Recording Industry Behind Nixon's Resignation Left Clues In Song Lyrics
22 D.C. Follies: Ford Begs Nixon To Read A Story From His Bedtime Tales
23 D.C. Follies: Presidential Candidates Selected For Jury Duty
24 D.C. Follies: George Burns Sends Swaggart To D.C. Follies To Repent His Sins
25 D.C. Follies: Mike Tyson Gives Words Of Wisdom To Reagan And Gorbachev For World Peace
26 D.C. Follies: Carter, Nixon, And Ford Perform Ex-President Do-Wop Blues
27 D.C. Follies: Ollie North And Nixon Plan To Take Over The Western Hemisphere
28 D.C. Follies: Freddy Krueger's Nightmare: Dan Quayle Elected President
29 D.C. Follies: Nixon Impersonates Elvis In A Moneymaking Scheme
30 D.C. Follies: Nixon Impersonates Dangerfield, Dolly Parton And Bette Midler
31 D.C. Follies: Reagan Auditions For A Part On "Dynasty"
32 D.C. Follies: Fred Plays Chess With Yasser Arafat
33 D.C. Follies: Castro And Arafat's New Show, "Terrorists At The Movies," Gives Bambi Two Guns Down
34 D.C. Follies: Reagan Gets An Acting Job On "Eightysomething"
35 D.C. Follies: Nixon Schemes To Make Money By Becoming A Surrogate Mother
36 D.C. Follies: The Pope Walks On Water At The Boston Harbor
37 D.C. Follies: Nixon Hawks The Watergate Tapes For $29.99
38 D.C. Follies: Joan Rivers Debates Gorbi And Thatcher
39 D.C. Follies: Nixon Contemplates A Parallel Universe Without Watergate
40 D.C. Follies: National Rambo Association Allows Criminally Insane To Possess Guns
41 D.C. Follies: Nixon Has Romantic Fantasies About Bo Derek
42 D.C. Follies: Dolly Parton Gives Makeup Tips To Barbara Bush
43 D.C. Follies: Political Love Connection Profiles Arafat And Joan Rivers' Dream Date
44 D.C. Follies: The Contras Help Out On Ollie North's Telethon
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D.C. Follies: The Complete Series

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