Custer: The Complete Series [Collector's Edition]

Released: June 7, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Wayne Maunder stars as one of American history's most famous figures in the captivating Western television series, Custer.

Loosely based on Custer's life, the series follows then-Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer as he leads a team of misfit cavalrymen in post-Civil War America. His maverick ways are a source of consternation to his commanding officer General Terry (Robert F. Simon), yet Custer's unyielding dedication to his beliefs ultimately earns him Terry's respect.

Including all seventeen episodes from the original series' broadcast run in 1967, Custer also stars Slim Pickens, Peter Palmer, and Michael Dante as Crazy Horse.

Bonus Features

  • Native Americans – A Discussion With Clementine Bordeaux, Academic Coordinator & Lecturer American Indian Studies, UCLA

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Episode Episode Title
1 Custer: Sabers In The Sun
2 Custer: Accused
3 Custer: Glory Rider
4 Custer: To The Death
5 Custer: Massacre
6 Custer: War Lance And Saber
7 Custer: Suspicion
8 Custer: Breakout
9 Custer: Desperate Mission
10 Custer: Under Fire
11 Custer: Death Hunt
12 Custer: Blazing Arrows
13 Custer: Dangerous Prey
14 Custer: Spirit Woman
15 Custer: The Gauntlet
16 Custer: The Raiders
17 Custer: Pursued
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Custer: The Complete Series [Collector's Edition]

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