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Chouriki Sentai Ohranger: The Complete Series

Released: November 1, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Power Rangers


Before Power Rangers, there was Super Sentai!

See where the worldwide phenomenon began with the original Japanese series that inspired the Power Rangers franchise!

It is the year 1999. The Machine Empire of Baranoia, led by Emperor Bacchus Wrath, has invaded Earth with the intention of wiping out all human life and bringing about machine rule. Chief Counsellor Miura of the UAOH (United Airforce Overtech Hardware), in a desperate attempt to quell this invasion, has revived super energies born of the lost civilization of Pangaea. Enlisting an elite squad of the finest officers the UAOH has to offer, Miura has harnessed Tetrahedron Power, granting the team the power to transform into the Ohrangers… and save humanity from its darkest crisis yet!

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Chouriki Sentai Ohranger: The Complete Series

Tamao Sato Actor
Ayumi Aso Actor
Hiroshi Miyauchi Actor
Kunio Masaoka Actor
Masaru Shishido Actor
Masashi Goda Actor
Shōji Yamaguchi Actor
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