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Captain America [Collector's Edition]

Released: May 21, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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"To Captain America, wherever he is. We're all back in the fight."

Long ago, Steve Rogers (Matt Salinger) was a true American hero, a brave super soldier created by scientists to help the Allied Forces fight for freedom in World War II. But during a battle with the sinister Red Skull (Scott Paulin), he was lost, entombed in ice. Decades later, his body has been found and revived and Steve must again don the mantle of Captain America to help save the President of the United States (Ronny Cox) — and the world — from his arch-nemesis once and for all.

For the first time, director Albert Pyun’s 1990 cult classic is presented in widescreen and in astonishing high-definition!

Bonus Features

  • Brand New Interview: Looking Back At Captain America With Director Albert Pyun and Star Matt Salinger

Product Information

Captain America

Reb Brown Captain America
Len Birman Dr. Simon Mills
Heather Menzies-Urich Dr. Wendy Day
Robin Mattson Tina Hayden
Joseph Ruskin Rudy Sandrini
Lance LeGault Harley
Frank Marth Charles Barber
Steve Forrest Lou Brackett
Harry Johnson Jerry
James Ingersoll Lester Wiant
Rod Holcomb Director
Don Ingalls Teleplay
Don Ingalls Story
Chester Krumholz Story
Jack Kirby Characters
Joe Simon Characters
Allan Balter Executive Producer
Martin M. Goldstein Associate Producer

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