Capricorn One

Released: January 13, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Mankind's greatest achievement… or mankind's biggest hoax?

It was supposed to be the crowning moment in the history of space travel. But when the first manned flight to Mars is deemed unsafe and scrubbed on the launch pad, anxious authorities must scramble to save face and retain their funding—and so an unthinkable plot to fake the mission is hatched. Only an intrepid journalist stands in the way of the cover-up, but the powers that be will stop at nothing to keep their secret from going public.

Director Peter Hyams (2010, Outland) helms this conspiracy thriller with an all-star cast, including Elliot Gould, James Brolin, Brenda Vaccaro, Sam Waterston, O.J. Simpson, Hal Holbrook, Karen Black, and Telly Savalas.


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Capricorn One

Brenda Vaccaro Actor
Elliott Gould Actor
Hal Holbrook Actor
James Brolin Actor
Karen Black Actor
O.J. Simpson Actor
Paul Lazarus III Producer
Peter Hyams Director
Peter Hyams Writer
Sam Waterston Actor
Telly Savalas Actor
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