Born Losers

Released: July 10, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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Out for kicks ... and in for trouble!

In the thrilling action film, The Born Losers, Tom Laughlin introduced the character of Billy Jack to the world and started a phenomenon.

Billy Jack just wants to be left alone in peace, but finds he must stand up and fight when others hide in fear. When a vicious motorcycle gang launches an assault on a small town and its teenagers, the citizenry is up in arms, but powerless to face the gang. And now the gang has a new target in their sights: a local girl named Vicky (Elizabeth James). Billy Jack must take up a one-man crusade against incredible odds to save both Vicky and an entire town from disaster.


Product Information

Born Losers

Tom Laughlin Actor
Elizabeth James Actor
Jeremy Slate Actor
Delores Taylor Producer
William Wellman Jr. Actor
Jane Russell Actor
Delores Taylor Executive Producer
Elizabeth James Writer
Tom Laughlin Director
Tom Laughlin Producer
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