Born In East L.A. [Collector's Edition]

Released: March 19, 2019 • Available in US & Canada
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Give us your tired, your poor — but keep Cheech Marin!

Cheech Marin, writes, directs and stars in Born In East L.A., a hip, outrageous comedy that's more timely than ever. The story follows Rudy (Marin), an American of Hispanic descent, whose south-of-the-border looks show him no mercy during an immigration raid in a migrant worker factory. As his luck goes, he is caught with neither money nor his ID and is deported to Mexico – without speaking a word of Spanish! Unable to contact his vacationing family or his newly immigrated cousin (played by comedian Paul Rodriguez), Rudy is in for a crazy ride as he tries every legal – and illegal – scheme he can think of to get back home. He finds himself in jail, in love, and practically in-sane in this hilarious case of mistaken, or rather, misplaced, identity!

Why We Love It

In its debut to the Blu-ray Disc format the film looks a bit more than just solid, it at times can look pretty impressive for a 1987 film in high def. There’s a lot of newfound detail here never seen before on the previous DVD. The sound also proves to be a bit more than just solid, with a lossless 2.0 mono mix that does the film somewhat justice.” Justin Sluss,


Bonus Features

  • NEW Audio Commentary By Director/Writer/Star Cheech Marin And Film Historian Marc Edward Heuck
  • NEW Interview With Cheech Marin
  • NEW Interview With Actress Kamala Lopez
  • NEW Interview With Actor Paul Rodriguez
  • Extended Television Cut Of Born In East L.A. (Standard Definition)
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Photo Gallery
  • Production Notes

Product Information

Born In East L.A. [Collector's Edition]

Cheech Marin Actor
Daniel Stern Actor
Paul Rodriguez Actor
Jan-Michael Vincent Actor
Kamala Lopez Actor
Tony Plana Actor
Cheech Marin Writer
Cheech Marin Director
Peter Macgregor-Scott Producer
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