Released: March 25, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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“3 out of 4 skulls - Beneath is the kind of movie where schlocky thrills are the bait, but it winds up giving you more to chew on.” – Michael Gingold, Fangoria

When a group of young friends commemorating their high school graduation take a trip to the remote Black Lake, their celebration turns into a nightmare. Trapped in a leaking boat with no oars, the teens face the ultimate test of friendship and sacrifice during a terror-stricken fight for survival when they find something is living beneath the surface.

Daniel Zovatto (Innocence), Bonnie Dennison (Stake Land, Third Watch), Chris Conroy (Sorority Row) and Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad) star in this highly suspenseful and bloody thriller.

Why We Love It

"Beneath is a throwback piece to the “big killer fish” cult cinema done with modern sensibilities instead of trying to grindhouse it up as to give an instant excuse or spoon-fed reasoning for the film’s tone and nature.  It’s a treat to see an actual “living breathing” practical effects creature, fully constructed from the ground up, as we rarely get to see that kind of beast anymore.  The film is darkly comic and rewards its audience for having to hang with such despicable characters by having them ruthlessly turn on each other" – Why So Blu

"Beneath shows how humans can change under stress, as these young adults resort to ritually voting someone off the boat as a distraction to save the rest. This component of Tony Daniel and Brian Smith’s screenplay could come off as unbelievable, but the actors make it feel real with their frenetic desperation" – Daily Dead

"Beneath begins as a pure monster movie. And it was quite refreshing as it’s very rare to see a practically created monster used so extensively these days. With digital F/X now dominating the landscape, it’s great to see a team construct a huge, menacing fish to chase some horny teens around a lake for an hour and a half." – Dread Central


Bonus Features

  • Commentary With Director Larry Fessenden And Sound Designer Graham Reznick
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Behind BENEATH
  • Outtakes
  • Poster/Premiere
  • Webisodes: What The Zeke? What's In Black Lake?
  • Fessenden On JAWS

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Bonnie Dennison Actor
Brian D. Smith Writer
Chris Conroy Actor
Daniel Zovatto Actor
Griffin Newman Actor
Jonny Orsini Actor
Larry Fessenden Director
Larry Fessenden Producer
Peter Phok Producer
Tony Daniel Writer
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