Beetlejuice: The Complete Series

Released: August 20, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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"Though I know I should be wary,

Still I venture someplace scary;

Ghostly hauntings I turn loose...

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"

Based on Tim Burton’s blockbuster film of the same name, this animated show features Beetlejuice, the wild "ghost with the most" from the "Neitherworld" and his mortal best friend Lydia Deetz, a young, perky goth girl attending a private school in a sleepy little Connecticut town.

Upon befriending Lydia, Beetlejuice promptly whisks her off from her ordinary life into wacky adventures in the land of the dead, or Neitherworld, which is filled with kooky characters and madcap monsters at every turn!

Now all 94 ghoulish episodes have popped up on DVD for the first time with this hauntingly good 12-disc set!



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Episode Episode Title
1 Beetlejuice: Critter Sitters
2 Beetlejuice: The Big Face Off / Skeletons In The Closet
3 Beetlejuice: A Dandy Handy Man / Out Of My Mind
4 Beetlejuice: Stage Fright / Spooky Tree
5 Beetlejuice: Laugh Of The Party
6 Beetlejuice: Worm Welcome
7 Beetlejuice: Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice / Campfire Ghouls
8 Beetlejuice: Pest O' The West
9 Beetlejuice: Bizarre Bazaar / Pat On The Back
10 Beetlejuice: Poopsie / It's The Pits
11 Beetlejuice: Prince Of The Neitherworld
12 Beetlejuice: Quit While You're A Head
13 Beetlejuice: Cousin B.J. / Beetlejuice's Parents
14 Beetlejuice: Dragster Of Doom
15 Beetlejuice: Scare And Scare Alike / Spooky Boo-tique
16 Beetlejuice: Driven Crazy
17 Beetlejuice: Scummer Vacation
18 Beetlejuice: Bewitched, Bothered & Beetlejuiced
19 Beetlejuice: Dr. Beetle & Mr. Juice / Running Scared
20 Beetlejuice: The Really Odd Couple / A-Ha!
21 Beetlejuice: Uncle B.J.'s Roadhouse / Scarecrow / The Son Dad Never Had
22 Beetlejuice: Mom's Best Friend
23 Beetlejuice: Back To School Ghoul
24 Beetlejuice: Doomie's Romance
25 Beetlejuice: Ghost To Ghost
26 Beetlejuice: Spitting Image / Awards To The Wise
27 Beetlejuice: The Prince Of Rock and Roll
28 Beetlejuice: A Ghoul And His Money / Brides Of Funkenstein
29 Beetlejuice: Beetledude / The Farmer In The Smell
30 Beetlejuice: You're History
31 Beetlejuice: Raging Skull
32 Beetlejuice: Sore Feet
33 Beetlejuice: Fast Food
34 Beetlejuice: Queasy Rider
35 Beetlejuice: How Green Is My Gallery
36 Beetlejuice: Keeping Up With The Boneses
37 Beetlejuice: Pranks For The Memories
38 Beetlejuice: Caddy Shock
39 Beetlejuice: Two Heads Are Better Than None
40 Beetlejuice: Beauty And The Beetle
41 Beetlejuice: Creepy Cookies
42 Beetlejuice: Poe Pourri
43 Beetlejuice: Ear's Looking At You
44 Beetlejuice: Beetlebones
45 Beetlejuice: Smell-A-Thon
46 Beetlejuice: The Miss Beauty-Juice Pageant
47 Beetlejuice: Sappiest Place On Earth
48 Beetlejuice: Brinkadoom
49 Beetlejuice: Foreign Exchange
50 Beetlejuice: Family Scarelooms
51 Beetlejuice: Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Funny Bones
52 Beetlejuice: Hotel Hello
53 Beetlejuice: Goody Two Shoes
54 Beetlejuice: Vidiots
55 Beetlejuice: Ship Of Ghouls
56 Beetlejuice: Poultrygeist
57 Beetlejuice: It's A Wonderful Afterlife
58 Beetlejuice: Ghost Writer In The Sky
59 Beetlejuice: Cabin Fever
60 Beetlejuice: Highs-Ghoul Confidential
61 Beetlejuice: Rotten Sports
62 Beetlejuice: Mr. Beetlejuice Goes To Town
63 Beetlejuice: Time Flies
64 Beetlejuice: To Beetle Or Not to Beetle
65 Beetlejuice: A Star Is Bored
66 Beetlejuice: Oh, Brother!
67 Beetlejuice: Snugglejuice
68 Beetlejuice: In The Schticks
69 Beetlejuice: Recipe For Disaster
70 Beetlejuice: Substitute Creature
71 Beetlejuice: Ghoul Of My Dreams
72 Beetlejuice: Prairie Strife
73 Beetlejuice: Moby Richard
74 Beetlejuice: The Unnatural
75 Beetlejuice: Forget Me Nuts
76 Beetlejuice: The Birdbrain Of Alcatraz
77 Beetlejuice: Generally Hysterical Hospital
78 Beetlejuice: Super Zeroes
79 Beetlejuice: Beetle Geezer
80 Beetlejuice: A Very Grimm Fairy Tale
81 Beetlejuice: Wizard Of Ooze
82 Beetlejuice: What Makes BJ Run
83 Beetlejuice: The Chromazone
84 Beetlejuice: It's A Big, Big, Big, Big Ape
85 Beetlejuice: The Neitherworld's Least Wanted
86 Beetlejuice: Don't Beetlejuice And Drive
87 Beetlejuice: Robbin Juice Of Sherweird Forest
88 Beetlejuice: Midnight Scum
89 Beetlejuice: Gold Rush Fever
90 Beetlejuice: Relatively Pesty
91 Beetlejuice: King B.J.
92 Beetlejuice: Catmandu Got His Tongue
93 Beetlejuice: Journey To The Centre Of The Neitherworld
94 Beetlejuice: Not So Peaceful Pines
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Beetlejuice: The Complete Series

Alyson Court Actor
Elizabeth Hanna Actor
Roger Dunn Actor
Stephen Ouimette Actor
Tabitha St. Germain Actor
Tim Burton Producer
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