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Barney Miller: Season Four

Released: January 7, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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A cop show hailed for both its inspired lunacy and remarkable realism, Emmy® Award–winning Barney Miller is a humanistic and comical look into the daily grind of a police squad in New York’s Greenwich Village. Beginning in 1975 and continuing for eight acclaimed seasons, this unforgettable show followed the detectives of the 12th Precinct as they took on everything from domestic disputes to suicide bombers to bad coffee. The plain, cramped squad room of Barney Miller played host to a glorious array of American oddballs — perps and victims alike — and the officers met them with patience and paperwork.

Season Four marks the retirement of Fish, and the emergence of Det. Dietrich and Officer Levitt as leading characters on the show.

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Episode Episode Title
1 Barney Miller: Good-bye, Mr. Fish, Part 1
2 Barney Miller: Good-bye, Mr. Fish, Part 2
3 Barney Miller: Bugs
4 Barney Miller: Corporation
5 Barney Miller: Burial
6 Barney Miller: Copy Cat
7 Barney Miller: Blizzard
8 Barney Miller: Chase
9 Barney Miller: Thanksgiving Story
10 Barney Miller: Tunnel
11 Barney Miller: Atomic Bomb
12 Barney Miller: The Bank
13 Barney Miller: The Ghost
14 Barney Miller: Appendicitis
15 Barney Miller: Rape
16 Barney Miller: Eviction, Part 1
17 Barney Miller: Eviction, Part 2
18 Barney Miller: Wojo's Problem
19 Barney Miller: Quo Vadis?
20 Barney Miller: Hostage
21 Barney Miller: Evaluation
22 Barney Miller: The Sighting
23 Barney Miller: Inauguration
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Barney Miller: Season Four

Hal Linden Actor
Jack Soo Actor
James Gregory Actor
Max Gail Actor
Ron Carey Actor
Ron Glass Actor
Steve Landesberg Actor
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