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Barney Miller: Season Five

Released: May 13, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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All 22 Episodes Of This Hilarious And Heartwarming Hit!

The boys of the 12th Precinct are back on the case in Barney Miller: Season 5! The down-to-earth detectives of New York City’s Greenwich Village, led by Captain Barney Miller, have seen their share of quirky crimes and peculiar perps over the years, and Season 5’s line-up is particularly perplexing. From a disorderly mime to a casino-running rabbi, these twenty-four episodes have our favorite blue-collar cops working overtime!

Originally airing on ABC’s 1978-79 season, Season 5’s equal measures of humor and humanity exemplify the high standard that made Barney Miller one of the most distinctive and fondly-remembered shows of its time, as well as an Emmy and Peabody Award winner.

Join Captain Miller (Hal Linden), Wojo (Max Gail), Harris (Ron Glass), Dietrich (Steve Landesberg), Yemana (Jack Soo), and the rest of the 12th Precinct in the squad room for Barney Miller: Season 5…It’d be a crime not to!

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Episode Episode Title
Barney Miller: Jack Soo: A Retrospective
Barney Miller: Graveyard Shift
Barney Miller: Computer Crime
Barney Miller: Identity
Barney Miller: Open House
Barney Miller: The Counterfeiter
Barney Miller: Middle Age
Barney Miller: Wojo's Girl
Barney Miller: The Spy
Barney Miller: Voice Analyzer
Barney Miller: The Indian
Barney Miller: Toys
Barney Miller: The Radical
Barney Miller: The Harris Incident
Barney Miller: The Vandal
Barney Miller: Loan Shark
Barney Miller: The Prisoner
Barney Miller: Accusation
Barney Miller: The Baby Broker
Barney Miller: Dog Days
Barney Miller: The Search
Barney Miller: Kidnapping
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Barney Miller: Season Five

Hal Linden Actor
Jack Soo Actor
James Gregory Actor
Max Gail Actor
Ron Carey Actor
Ron Glass Actor
Steve Landesberg Actor
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