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B: The Beginning: Season One

Released: October 6, 2020 • Available in US & Canada
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The tiny city-state of Cremona has been shocked by a string of gruesome murders. As only vicious killers are being targeted, and from an enigmatic mark left at each crime scene, people call this mysterious executioner, "Killer B." When former detective Keith Kazama Flick is called back on duty after an eight-year-long hiatus, a new team assembles at the Royal Investigation Service with the purpose of putting an end to the bloodshed. But Flick appears burdened by too many ghosts from his past. And as a much greater and ominous scheme starts emerging, he will need to come to terms with them all.

Bonus Features

  • Series Presentation In The Original Japanese Audio With English Subtitles And English Dub
  • Pilot Film That Inspired The Netflix Series
  • Clean Opening - Clean Ending
  • Interview With Kazuto Nakazawa
  • A Mini-Poster
  • Two Art Cards

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Episode Episode Title
1 B: The Beginning: Episode 1
2 B: The Beginning: Episode 2
3 B: The Beginning: Episode 3
4 B: The Beginning: Episode 4
5 B: The Beginning: Episode 5
6 B: The Beginning: Episode 6
7 B: The Beginning: Episode 7
8 B: The Beginning: Episode 8
9 B: The Beginning: Episode 9
10 B: The Beginning: Episode 10
11 B: The Beginning: Episode 11
12 B: The Beginning: Episode 12
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B: The Beginning

Hiroaki Hirata Keith Kazama Flick
Hiroki Touchi Eric Toga
Asami Seto Lily Hoshina
Johnny Yong Bosch Minatsuki
Jalen K. Cassell Eric Toga
Ray Chase Keith Kazama Flick
Allegra Clark Kaela Yoshinaga
Khoi Dao Brian Brandon
Brianna Knickerbocker Yuna
Faye Mata Lily Hoshina
Kazuto Nakazawa Director
Yoshinobu Yamakawa Director
Kenichi Matsuzawa Director
Takahiro Kawakoshi Director
Takashi Andô Director
Itsurô Kawasaki Director
Toshiya Niidome Director
Yoshiko Okuda Director
Ai Yoshimura Director
Jalen K. Cassell Writer
Katsuya Ishida Writer
Kazuto Nakazawa Creator
Rui Kuroki Producer
Katsuji Morishita Executive Producer
Kaata Sakamoto Executive Producer
Tetsushi Suzuki Associate Producer
Maki Terashima-Furuta Executive Producer
Masako Yagi Animation Producer

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